HMV is a UK retailer selling CDs, DVDs, magazines, video games, posters and similar entertainment merchandise. Interestingly, HMV is an acronym for His Master’s Voice – which is the title of a famous painting. The painting depicts a dog listening to a cylinder phonograph. The painting was bought by the Gramophone Company – the company that started HMV and the logo/painting has become inextricably linked with HMV ever since. They currently employ more than 2,500 staff members and operate more than 110 stores across the UK.

HMV Opening Times And Store Locations

Their stores are placed strategically around the UK in more than 100 cities. This means that most highly-populated places have access to at least one of their outlets. Some UK residents are afforded the luxury of multiple stores in their proximity, depending on the need for increased retail opportunities based on customer footfall. The places with the most stores are Glasgow, Edinburgh and London. Noticing an HMV store becomes second nature due to the company's branding and recognisable logo. Their logo is placed on their storefront and is the store’s name written in pink on a black background. Next to the text, there is a small dog listening to a phonograph just like the painting that was bought by the founding company.

If you have been wondering “when is a HMV store open near me” - read on! Most HMV opening times remain the same in all locations. Many of their branches are open between 9am and 5.30pm from Monday through to Friday. On Saturdays, most stores are open between 9am and the slightly later opening time of 6pm. HMV opening times are shortened to 10.30am to 4.30pm on Sundays. Naturally, many stores may work from a different schedule and their opening times may change at different times of the year. It is recommended to always check for specific HMV opening times when planning a visit on New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and bank holidays as stores may be closed. You can check a branch’s opening times at HMV near you by using the branch lcoator tool.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About HMV

HMV have been selling their products on the UK market for a long time. Their constant presence has meant that many people are familiar with their stores and their brand. Yet, there are still lots of things about the company that the general public are not aware of. These things include:

  1. They are over 95 years old
  2. They stopped selling in Canada in 2017 as they felt that the market was not responsive
  3. They own a book chain that is sold in Waterstones
  4. They used to run social media for importing personal music to a cloud-based music service
  5. Bob Geldof has attended many store openings for HMV

Products And Services

They sell many types of DVDs and CDs as well as video games, magazines, books, movie posters and more. They also promote upcoming events and landmark dates in the world of music and cinema. They do this by running an online newsletter documenting different aspects of the entertainment industry and discussing related topics. They have also started a new service called HMV live. This service will bring popular performers and musicians into their stores to give live performances for customers. Celebrities will then stay for autograph signings and to meet fans.

A Brief History

At the turn of the century, the company was established through the formation of the Gramophone Company. They started by supplying independent retailers with their products. They made these products using a factory based in Middlesex. It was not for another 20 years before the Gramophone Company opened a store of their own on Oxford Street, London. The company then merged with another company and formed EMI. At this time, they kept manufacturing items and slowly expanded their number of stores across the capital. Bob Geldof attended one of their new store openings, at what could be considered their landmark store on Oxford Street. A series of acquisitions followed and as of 2013, the company became the property of Hilco UK.

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