Games Workshop

Games Workshop

Games Workshop is a chain of stores located in the UK. They sell products related to miniature wargaming such as figures and gaming scenery. They are known for coming up with table-top games and therefore sell the figures and accessories to play those games. Figures are not always pre-painted, and the chain also sells the correct paint so customers can paint their own models by following instructions. Some of their most famous games include various Warhammer games and The Middle Earth Strategy Game. Their stores also host games for players to participate in or for customers to spectate. They have over 120 stores in the UK.

Games Workshop Opening Times And Store Locations

Games Workshop likes to disperse their stores around the UK. They have more than 120 stores in total and these will be found in over 120 cities. This means more of the general public can get easy access to their establishments, which are often found in shopping centres and on some high streets. Finding one of their branches is made easier by their colorful and bold logo. This logo is displayed on the front of their stores. The logo simply reads “Games Workshop” with the two words on separate lines in a bold text. The text is written in yellow with an orange outline followed by a black outline. On many occasions, their stores usually have a red front to make them even more discernible.

Games Workshop opening hours may vary depending on the store’s location and nearby population. Nevertheless, most of their establishments have standard opening times. GAmes Workshop opening times usually run from noon to 6pm on Wednesday until Friday. On Saturdays, Games Workshop opening hours shift to 10am to 6pm and on Sundays most of their branches are closed for business. It is advisable to check a specific branch opening times before visiting. It is possible to consult the exact Games Workshop opening times of a store using Using the site is even more advisable on days where hours are more likely to change, such as New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and bank holidays. FInd a GAmes Workshop near you and their business hours with this convenient tool.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Games Workshop

Games Workshop may have a more niche target market than most high street stores, but they are still well known throughout the general British public. However, there are some facts about the business that even some of their biggest Warhammer-heads will not be aware of:

  1. They are over 40 years old
  2. They started by making conventional board games
  3. They made a newsletter to start a games club
  4. They now have stores in the USA
  5. They now do demonstrations and hold gaming seminars in their stores

Products And Services

Games Workshop stores offer customers the chance to buy the different table-top games they have developed. The games involve buying different figures, their weapons and game scenery. They have multiple games to purchase including the popular Warhammer 4000 and the Middle Earth Strategy Game. Customers can also buy paint to paint their models and other products. Products can be bought in a store where customers can also request free delivery. Their products can also be bought online but must reach a spending limit to qualify for free delivery. Their website also runs a community blog to discuss their products and games. Aside from their products, customers can also participate in or observe games at their stores. Some stores will hold frequent demonstrations and seminars on how to play games and paint the models.

A Brief History

Games Workshop was founded by three men in London in 1975. They originally started out by making conventional board games. They then started supplying the Dungeons and Dragons craze in the USA and began their own series of games similar to the ones played today. It was their alliance with Dungeons and Dragons rights holders which allowed them to grow in the UK market. They ran gaming conventions and diversified their range to become a popular and successful retailer. Today, they have maintained their reputation and have continued to grow throughout the UK.

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