Foxtons is a highly successful and reputable estate agent that specialises in buying and selling property in the Greater London and Surrey areas of the country. As they have hundreds, maybe even thousands of listings in their books, they have a very broad, but intricate covering of the market. In fact, because they have more than 67 different establishments in those areas, they can offer the best advice and properties to landlords and buyers, while helping to secure the best deals for sellers. Although there is not much difference in the opening times of each branch, if someone is asking “where is the best lettings and estate agency in London and what are their opening times near me?”, they should check out their local branch for Foxtons opening times. Or, use the free branch locator at and get up-to-date Foxtons opening times for any of their branches.

Foxtons Opening Times And Branch Locations

With operations focused on Surrey and London, it follows that anyone interested in property in these areas would want to consider Foxtons. Wembley, Bromley and London in general are the areas with the most concentrated number of outlets, but there are branches of Foxtons in more than 10 cities. Foxtons rely on simple but elegant and professional signage to make them stand out on high streets, with a green background and the full name in white and an “F” in yellow inside a yellow circle. To set themselves apart from the drab and often uninviting estate agencies, Foxtons offices are designed to be friendly and warm.

Generally, most Foxtons opening times are the same.  The stores across both areas they cover have the opening times of 9am to 6pm from Monday until Friday. Most are open for a much shorter amount of time on Saturdays, from 9am to 4pm, and they are closed on Sundays. These Foxtons opening times are subject to change, and while most are the same, some differentiate depending on local rules. There is also the matter of public holidays and bank holidays. Easter Monday, Good Friday, Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Year's Day are times when there could be a significant change in your local Foxtons opening times, so it's best to check. How can you check the opening times of a local Foxton establishment. ALl their branch opening hours can be consulted on the free branch locator here on our site.

5 Interesting Facts About Foxtons

Foxtons is the kind of real estate agency that has made itself known and made a name for itself for being quite uncompromisingly different and brash. There may not be much that many people don't know about this trailblazing real estate force. However, we still picked out the most interesting facts we could about Foxtons, to share with you.

  1. Foxtons has a long-term partnership with the London Air Ambulance charity
  2. Each Foxton branch costs about £600,000 to furnish and decorate to reflect their corporate standards
  3. The chain has an ever-changing and evolving customised series of Mini Coopers, that are part of their advertising campaigns and have become part of London culture
  4. Foxtons were notable for having a web presence, even back in 1999, before a lot of other estate agencies
  5. In 2009 the company was awarded the Award of Excellence in Best Video and Motion Graphics at the 2009 Communicator Awards for an app functionality that allowed potential tenants and buyers to fly through search results incorporating landscape from Google Earth


As an exclusive chain of estate agencies, Foxtons offer the kind of services you'd expect, with their own flair and experience thrown in for good measure. Buying and selling property are the company's bread and butter. They can help anyone from those already thriving on the housing market looking to make more investments, to those who are just looking to enter it and get the ball rolling. Foxtons will also work specifically with landlords to help them get the best rental prices so they can make a good return on their investment.

Brief History

Foxtons was established in 1981 in Notting Hill Gate by John Hunt and Anthony Pelligrinelli. The name was taken from a local village close to Jon Hunt's home at the time. Their approach from the very beginning was to be different from the rest. The estate agency, for starters, offered 0% commission with every new branch that opened for three months so they could attract customers. Another major difference was the fact that the first branch and those that followed it opened for a total of 74 hours every week, including weekends and evenings, compared to competitors that stuck to the traditional 40-hour week.

It was following the property crash that was experienced during the late 80's and early 90's that Foxtons added lettings to its books alongside new builds. During the 00's, the now-iconic customised Minis started to be used by Foxtons agents and the cafe-style offices were introduced as another way of distinguishing the brand from other agencies.

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