Fitness First

Fitness First

Fitness First is a chain of fitness centres that was founded in the UK but operated internationally. However, in recent years the company has diluted its global ownership and sold off many of its centres, including in the UK. Fitness First UK is now under the ownership of DW Sports Fitness. Although, they still run most of their centres under the Fitness First name and branding.

Their centres include different exercise equipment for members and day pass visitors to use. They have a range of cardiovascular machines such as treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals, rowing machines and more. For those wanting to gains strength and muscle, their fitness centres also have free weight areas and resistance machines. Members can exercise independently or can make use of personal trainers and exercise classes that are run on a set timetable to help reach their fitness goals.

Fitness First Opening Times And Establishment Locations

DW Sports Fitness is currently running more than 40 fitness centres under the Fitness First brand. These centres are spread out among the UK's major towns and cities. They have been spread out to give more residents easy access to their gym branches. London remains the sole location with multiple of their fitness centres in one place. Outside the capital, most people will have a maximum of one Fitness First gym nearby. It is easy to notice one of these fitness centres with the big white “F” on a red background and the chain name written below.

To find the specific Fitness First opening times of one of these fitness centres, there is a free branch locator tool on Instead of relying on misinformation on search engines and outdated social media pages, you can find accurate Fitness First opening times for any of their centres using this free and simple-to-use locator tool. It is advised to use this reliable Fitness First opening times tool at all times but even more so when legalities and demand can influence business hours. Such times include New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and bank holidays.

However, most Fitness First branches are open at the same times. The Fitness First opening times on weekdays are between 6am and 9pm so the early bird and the after-work fitness fanatic are catered for. On weekends, opening hours change slightly and most fitness centres will be open between 8am and 8pm.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Fitness First

Motivated gym-goers and almost-motivated gym-goers will be aware of the Fitness First brand and their gyms (or now DW Fitness’s gyms). Yet, there are plenty of things about the fitness centre chain that many f their members and non-members will not be aware of.

  • They were founded in Bournemouth
  • They were more than 25 years old when they were sold
  • They managed to expand to over 15 countries
  • The company still operates in some overseas countries
  • They nearly had one million members when owning their most centres

Products And Services

There are a number of membership plans available for Fitness First customers. Some plans are locked in for a slightly cheaper price while other memberships allow members to leave once activating a notice period. Some memberships may include a cancellation fee. It is possible to get a taste of their fitness centres by using guest passes. Once a member, there are different classes available for free – from yoga to strength and conditioning sessions. Members can also choose to get personal trainers for additional costs. The gym itself has a number of modern facilities to help reduce weight, become more flexible and improve strength. The most popular equipment includes treadmills, weights and resistance machines.

A Brief History

The fitness chain was established in 1993 by Mike Balfour when he opened his first gym in Bournemouth. They expanded into Australia by purchasing failed gyms operated by the Hilton Group. Continual international expansion followed before the business was sold to DW Sports Fitness in 2016. They sold some of their centres but kept more than 40 of them running with the Fitness First brand. Fitness first continues to operate internationally as well as under the DW Sports Fitness ownership in the UK.

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