Fat Face

Fat Face

Fat Face is a trendy lifestyle clothing, footwear and accessories retailer that has enjoyed an extremely fast rise to prominence in a relatively short period of time. Born as a way to earn some money during the nights so that the two founders could ski during the days in the Alps, Fat Face initially involved buying wholesale t-shirts and sweaters and printing slogans and pictures on them and selling them in skiing resorts. Less than 30-years later Fat Face is now offering stylish clothing for men and women from more than 200 stores across the UK. Customers often go to their outlets to purchase tops, jackets, jean, underwear and more. Popular accessory purchases include belts, wallets, sunglasses and they even sell books and phone cases.

Fat Face Opening Times And Store Locations

As a popular fashion store, you can expect to find Fat Face on all major high streets, in shopping centres and on retail parks all over the UK. While the major cities will be where most of their establishments can be found, London, in particular, and some of the larger towns in the United Kingdom may have more than one branch as well. Their grey logo featuring their brand name above ‘United Kingdom’ will allow you to quickly establish where their store is located and once inside you will be met with their fantastic range of clothing options.

What you will find with Fat Face is that there quite a range of Fat FAce store opening times dependent on each location. As an average, Fat Face opening times are usually between 9 AM and 5.30 PM from Monday to Saturday - and 11 AM to 4 PM on Sunday, but you should check out the particular Fat Face store near you that you intend to visit just to be sure. Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday and bank holidays may change Fat FAce opening times as well, so just check them out if you are planning to visit on this days. You can check local Fat Face opening times using the branch locator at openign-times.co.uk.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Fat Face

The success for Fat Face has come thick and fast but some of the lesser-known facts about them are as follows:

  1. Fat Face is named after a skiing slope in Val-d’Isere called the Face de Bellevarde
  2. Fulham was the location of their first store in 1992
  3. They focused purely on menswear until 2007 when they expanded into women and children's clothing too
  4. Their first American store was opened in 2016
  5. Fat Face offers free delivery on purchases over £60 when ordered from their online store

Products and Services

When the first stores of Fat Face were opened, they were seen as a surfy, hippy, trendy style clothing store for younger men or thrill seekers but as time has gone by, they have expanded their range to include other styles into their collections. Of course, they still do stick to their roots but now you can purchase more upmarket and smart looks for your money. Additionally, women and children's clothing lines are now available alongside that of men’s which was not the case for their first 15 years of operation.

Comfort and durability are the core components for their products over anything else and it is these qualities that have gone a long way to making the brand as successful as it is. You can be sure that a Fat Face product will last longer than most and will feel great for longer.

A Brief History

Fat Face was founded by two friends that had anything other than work on their mind at the time. All they wanted to do was ski on some of the best mountains and slopes in the world – nothing else. Work was a bad word while enjoyment was their daily mission. However, you cannot travel the world doing what you love without having some money to fund it. They came up with the idea of printing slogans and pictures onto wholesale t-shirts that they bought so that they could hawk them around the ski resorts during the evenings.

This would pay for their skiing during the days and at the time this was all that mattered. They did this all across Europe before seemingly deciding they could make money out of clothing on a more serious basis. Five years later they opened their first store and since then the trajectory has always been upwards. Just fifteen years after the opening of that store, there are now more than 200 worldwide, a number that is likely only to increase.

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