Farmfoods is an extremely popular supermarket chain that specialises in frozen food in particular, based in Cumbernauld, and has more than 300 stores countrywide. While frozen goods are their main focus, the company has introduced fresh fruit, veg, drinks, chilled items, confectionery, canned goods, dried goods and even cleaning products. The chain is known for its competitive prices, including a lot of money-saving deals and offers and stocking both own brand and branded goods. is the best resource for anyone asking 'what are the Farmfoods opening times near me'.

Farmfoods Opening Times and store locations

Anyone looking for a Farmfoods in their local area is unlikely to have much trouble, as there are outlets up and down the country. Liverpool and then Manchester and Birmingham are the areas that have the biggest concentration of stores though. Their branches are easy to spot, even though they come in a variety of sizes and are often found in small town and city centres. The signage features the name Farmfoods in a lower-case red font. The Farmfoods opening times depend really on the area a specific branch is located and local regulations and laws.

However, most Farmfoods opening times are from Monday through to Saturday, with slighting later Farmfoods opening times during the week of 8am to 8pm. Saturdays are often still open the same time, though some tend to be open from 8am to just 7pm, while on Sunday they are open a shorter amount of time still, at just 10am to 4pm. Furthermore, it will depend also the time of the year and if there are public holidays such as bank holidays, Easter, Christmas and New Year's Eve. That's why it's recommended that anyone interested shopping there check their local Farmfoods opening times first.

5 Things You Didn't Know about Farmfoods

Obviously, for good and bad reasons, Farmfoods are one of the most widely recognised supermarket chains in the country, so there is probably very little most people don't know about the company. Having said that, we did a little digging and found a few gems here and there about the budget price retailer.

  1. The company originally began life as a Butchers in Aberdeen in the North of Scotland.
  2. Over the years, many stars, big and small, have appeared in television advertising campaigns for the chain, including Bradley Walsh and most recently David Hasselhoff.
  3. Farmfoods employs more than 4,000 people (according to the official website).
  4. In line with the Single Use Carrier Bags Charge (Wales) Regulation 2010, Farmfoods supplied an astounding 1,099,453 single-use carrier bags to customers in Welsh branches between 9th April 2017 and 7th April 2018, at a charge of 5p per carrier.
  5. As a result of that staggering figure, the company made £45,500 which it will put towards sports, charities and green technology investments.


Primarily known as a low-price frozen food chain, Farmfoods even has the tagline 'The Frozen Food Specialists'. Just about anything can be found here, well anything that is considered standard frozen food such as a wide selection of frozen vegetables and fruit, frozen meat, pizza, ready meals and selection of frozen desserts and ice creams too. Further to that though, the company also stocks pantry and cupboard items like tinned vegetables, tinned fruit, cereal, confectionary and a selected number of fresh refrigerated items like milk and yoghurts along with bread. To complete with the bigger supermarkets, they have also started selling cleaning products and other essentials.

Unlike other low-price supermarket chains, Farmfoods are known for selling a huge variety of well-known and popular branded items, from Bird's Eye and Young's to Heinz and many others. They also sell numerous own branded products, for lower prices. The prices are what set Farmfoods apart and they are especially famous for their free marketing booklets that are normally posted by mail and include multiple money-off vouchers that can be used in-store, along with the many BOGOFF and Half-Price deals they run throughout the year.

Brief History

Although Farmfoods has become one of the top low-price supermarket chains, falling somewhere below the big four, they originally started as a meat manufacturer based in Aberdeen. That was in 1955 and was very successful. It was in 1975 that the business as a whole changed its entire focus from being a manufacturer and wholesaler to moving into frozen food retail. From 1975 to 1988, the company expanded and opened 10 freezer centres and then another 30 around Scotland and these were not very different from the shops we see in our towns and cities today.

Fast forward to modern day Farmfoods and the chain now has around 300 outlets to its name and four big distribution centres at various points throughout the country. Despite some controversy, it continues to be a popular retailer for families on a tight budget.

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