Esso is one of the most reputable and highly regarded names in the fuel and petroleum industry and operates a large chain of petrol stations throughout the UK. They are well-known for their amazing customer service, full functioning forecourts and are also in a partnership involving Tesco Clubcard, which enables members to gain extra points on their Clubcard account when they use Esso petrol stations to top up their vehicle with fuel. This garage brand also sells snack and food products as well as car accessories from garage forecourt locations.

    At their stations up and down the country, there are numerous other services, that are subject to their opening times. Anyone interested in seeking the answer to the question of 'what are the opening times, near me for Esso stations?' should consult because with more than 200 establishments, there may be differing opening times based on local laws and regulations.

    Esso opening times and Locations

    Given that they are three of the biggest cities in the country, with numerous car drivers, the most petrol stations are open and operational in London, Glasgow and Manchester. However, as they are open in more than 160 cities, there is never one too far away. They are also very easy to spot with their big signs written in red with a white background and blue circle.

    As anyone will know that has used an Esso petrol station at various times of the day, the Esso opening times tend to be 24 hours a day. The exact Esso opening times, especially for the retail stores on forecourts may vary from location to location. So, it is always worth looking at to check out the precise Esso opening times in your nearest location. It is the same situation with regards to special occasions and public holidays such as Easter Monday, Bank Holiday Monday in May, New Year's Eve and Boxing Day when Esso opening times can vary greatly.

    5 Facts About Esso

    Esso are obviously an extremely reputable and popular petroleum and fuel retailer and even if people prefer to use one of their rivals normally, they will still be very familiar with the brand. However, with such a long history, there are some facts that may have passed by without you realising them. If anything, at the very least, we hope these facts serve you well in a pub quiz or when you are answering questions along with the contestants on The Chase from your sofa (or if you actually dare to apply to be on the show).

    1. Esso takes its name from the phonetic pronunciation of the initials for Standard Oil, es - o.
    2. Esso sponsored the first national broadcasts on radio of NHL games in 1936 and they sponsored transmissions overseas of games to Canadians in the armed forces during World War II.
    3. You can now use the Esso App to pay more easily for your fuel
    4. The tiger from iconic Esso adverts, Tango, was actually the oldest of the breed in the UK and he died aged 22 in 2016.
    5. Along with their partnership with Tesco Clubcard, Esso have announced that they will accept Nectar cards from June 2019 and customers will be able to add Nectar points when they buy Esso fuel

    Products and Services

    As one of the most popular petrol station chains in the country, Esso have a wide range of fuel products available at their forecourts. This includes their Synergy petrol and Synergy diesel. The company also sell three different types of motor oil - Mobil 1, Mobile Super and Mobile Delvac. Along with their petrol and diesel pumps though, they also have car washes too and other valeting services.

    On the inside of the retail outlets, you can buy confectionary, drinks, milk and other groceries along with some car accessories, newspapers and magazines and a number of special gifts and other products. Thye have a long-running partnership with Tesco Clubcard, that means members can add points to their card each time they buy fuel from an Esso petrol station. As of next year, 2019, they will also start accepting Nectar cards too.

    Brief History

    The company first began in 1988 as the Anglo-American Oil Company and was Standard Oil Trust, John D Rockefeller's first foreign affiliate. Its head office was based in Bishopsgate in London and had a depot in Purfleet, Essex. One year on and they were starting to distributed in bulk refined petrol products around the country. In 1890, they opened a three-acre site in Avonmouth at Broad Pill. This was to manufacture storage tanks for oil and then two years after that they started supplying gas oil for the manufacturing of town gas.

    It was actually 1969 when the company opened its first petrol station that customers could use pumps to top up their own fuel. In 1980, there was the introduction of Esso shops, with the goal of offering the convenience of the corner shop for motorists refuelling. Perhaps the biggest thing in recent history was the merger between Exxon Corporation/Esso and Mobil Oil Company 1999 to establish Exxon Mobile Corporation, that the company is known by now.

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