Côte Brasserie

Côte Brasserie

Perfection of the dining experience is what Côte is attempting to achieve. Start your day with an impeccable pastry, experience a sublime brunch with friends or plan a purely romantic evening. Côte offers the authentic French dining experience with an attractive and elegant setting.

The restaurant chain works every day to exceed all expectations. It’s present in every action we take. It’s present when we choose the produce we will serve. It’s in the precise fold of our napkins before the service. In the small space of ten years since our first Brasserie opened, we have grown and improved the food and services offer to our guests. This allows us to deliver these exceptional experiences to more people throughout the UK.

Restaurant Hours and Locations

There are more than 90 locations throughout the UK, such as Amersham and Barbican. There are too many to list them all here. To find an establishment near you, pull up opening-times.co.uk.

The majority of opening hours are 8:00 AM Monday through Friday, and 9:00 AM Saturday and Sunday. Closing hours are 11:00 PM Monday through Wednesday, 12:00 AM Thursday through Saturday, and 10:30 PM on Sunday. Holidays may affect these hour, so be sure to use the opening-times site and confirm the scheduled opening and closing times.

5 Interesting Things About Côte Brasserie

The restaurant chain has only been in existence for 11 years. There is not a long company history from which to draw interesting experiences from. These are events within the UK that occurred on or after the start of the business:

  1. Côte was founded at Wimbledon in 2007. The winners of the Wimbledon tennis tournament that year was Roger Federer and Venus Williams.
  2. The new Wembley stadium was completed in March 2007. The first event held in the new stadium was the 2007 FA Cup Final between Chelsea and Manchester United. Chelsea won that match 1–0.
  3. Author J. K. Rowling finishes the 7th Harry Potter novel, The Deathly Hallows. It is the final novel of the Harry Potter series and was released on 21 July 2007, ending the series that began in 1997.
  4. Apple CEO Steve Jobs announces a new product in 2007. The iPhone.
  5. The screen goes black. The HBO series The Sopranos ends suddenly in June 2007, when the scene just cuts to black, leaving people to wonder how the story really ended.

Menu Items

A sample of HORS D'OEUVRES menu: Pissaladière Anchovy – Using a traditional French flatbread from Nice, served warm and topped with caramelised onions, anchovies, olives and parsley.

A sample from the STARTERS menu: Chicken Liver Parfait - Chicken liver pâté served with toasted brioche and spiced apple chutney.

A sample from the LIGHT MAINS menu: Beef Bourguignon – Serving the traditional Beef Bourguignon with potato and chive purée, bacon lardons and chestnut mushrooms.

A Brief History

Côte is a very successful British chain of restaurants created by Richard Caring, Andy Bassadone, Chris Benians and Nick Fiddler. The first establishment opened in Wimbledon little more than a decade ago in 2007.

The concept for Côte Brasserie based on a genuine love of French cuisine. Outstanding hospitality and service was an additional component of creating an exceptional dining experience. The founders desired to create a modern take on all day Parisian-style dining. Côte restaurants are committed to authentic French meals, crafted with high quality, fresh ingredients. The restaurant’s chefs create seasonal menus offer surprising value for having provided such an excellent experience.

CBPE, a private equity investment firm, purchased the restaurant chain from the founders in 2013 for £100 million.

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