Cohens Chemist

Cohens Chemist

Cohens Chemist is one of the most well-established and popular companies in the country that is dedicated to the wellbeing and health of its patients and customers. They even have the welcoming mentality and tagline of 'Helping you feel better'. This mentality is evident in the services and care they supply to their customers. The family-run company started in 1980 and has grown to have more than 200 establishments throughout the country. With numerous helpful services offered at these establishments, people looking for medical care and advice will appreciate their generous opening times. Whether they are looking for private consultations, repeat prescriptions, smoking cessation and so much more. You can expect to find an extensive range of health and wellness products here including first aid equipment, painkillers and over the counter medications, prescribed medication, footcare, haircare, dental care, cosmetics and toiletries

Cohens Chemist Opening Times and Locations

With more than 200 branches throughout the country, the largest number of Cohens Chemists are located in Manchester, Bolton and Leeds. However, whether ever an individual is, they are bound to be able to find one. They are very easy to spot, despite the relatively small size of their stores, thanks to either their blue background and white font sign or green background and white fond name. Anyone asking 'what are the Cohens Chemist opening times near me?' should be happy to know that they tend to be opened from 9am to 1pm Monday to Friday, with many branches reopening for afternoon operations between 2pm and 7pm.

Unfortunately, they are for the most part, closed at the weekend. However, it is always wise to check the Cohens Chemist opening times for relevant local branches, as they can vary from locale to locale. Another variation in the opening times is bank holidays and public holidays. Establishments may be closed on Easter Monday, Good Friday, Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. So, it's always wise to check with or the local branches to find the Cohens Chemist opening times near you.

5 Things to Know About Cohens Chemists

Cohens Chemists have just felt like they have always been there. With 35 years of experience and its continued expansion, the pharmacy chain is becoming incredibly well-known up and down the country. However, as well-known as the name and the individual establishments may be, there are always things to learn about companies like Cohens Chemists.

  1. Cohens Chemists bought the Lloyds Pharmacy chain in February 2018
  2. The chain supported the Middlesbrough Borough Council and Cleveland Police scheme aimed at reducing drug misuse by offering an amnesty for people to hand in unwanted medications, along with other local pharmacies in the region.
  3. The pharmacy chain aimed to raise £35,000 for charity to celebrate the 35 yeas the company had been in business, as of 2014.
  4. The company secured funding for another five years from Royal Bank of Scotland to continue its expansion and investments into their existing retail outlets
  5. There are fully trained and highly experienced Pharmacists at their head office that help to advise and support the pharmacists and other staff members in their branches


As one of the leading and most reputable pharmacy chains in the country, Cohens Chemists offer a full range of health and wellbeing related services. Thanks to their commitment to helping people feel better, their services include supplying over the counter medicines, prescribed medications and prescriptions and various other prescription services such as repeat prescriptions and deliveries/collections of medicines to customers who can't reach the branches.

Alongside the standard chemist services, Cohens offer, they also provide a variety of confidential services and consultations in their private rooms and work tirelessly to provide customer care with regularly updated medication checks for patients using long-term medicine prescriptions. They also provide flu vaccination and specialist services for depression, diabetes, diabetes Alzheimer's, EHC and sexual health, medication support, blood pressure testing, smoking cessation and minor ailments.


Cohens Chemists was first established back in 1980 in Rochdale, Lancashire and have been operating ever since by two brothers. The group has provided pharmacy teams in outlets throughout the country. Whether it's a small store in a village, a pharmacy on a busy high street or one of their cutting-edge health centres, patients and customers will always experience the same efficient and friendly service. The company continues to expand and has plans to grow more, having recently acquired Lloyd's Pharmacy and successfully applying for five year's funding from the Royal Bank of Scotland.

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