Cex – Technology Repairers And Retailers

Cex is an international retailer with a strong presence in the UK. They specialise in selling second-hand electronic goods, including games consoles, devices, tablets, smartphones, video games and more. They also offer a repairs service and give customers the opportunity to trade in unwanted items for cash or store credit. You can bring in your old DVDs, CDs, game controllers and other electronic gaming items and sell for cash, and it’s a great place to pick up a second hand mobile phone or games for popular consoles such as the PlayStation and Xbox. They also sell collectible items related to gaming paraphernalia such as dolls, figurines, posters and stickers of favourite gaming characters.

To comply with the law, selling customers must register an account with them. They have more than 370 stores spread throughout the UK and operate more than 100 establishments overseas. Interestingly, clever branding enabled the meaning behind the business acronym to change to accommodate the expansion of electronic services they work with – despite the initials remaining exactly the same - the concept was originally Computer Exchange (CEX) but their market base is much wider than that. Find a Cex near you today using our store locator, they have a presence in every major UK city.

Cex Opening Times And Store Locations

Cex’s 370-plus stores are spread over more than 290 UK towns and cities in high streets and shopping centres. This means residents of many locations have access to more than one of their 370-plus establishments in their hometown. Those living in Nottingham, Birmingham and London are afforded the most local stores in one area. Cex branding is exceptionally distinct and mostly use bold red, white and black colours. Their logo is also very noticeable and depicts the company name with the final letter – “x” – surrounding the previous two letters in a stand-out design.

Cex opening and closing times may vary, but most Cex customers can access their products and services seven days per week. On weekdays the majority of their outlets have opening hours between 9am and 6pm. They run the same opening hours at most locations on Saturdays. On Sundays, they are open between the hours of 10am and 4pm. Note, each of the Cex branch opening times may differ, especially those operating for late night shopping days or those located in busy shopping precincts. Cex opening hours may also differ on public holidays such as New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and bank holidays. On these days, branches may also be closed for business. Check our store locator to find out Cex opening times at a branch near you.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Cex

Cex may not be one of the oldest retailers on the UK high street but they are certainly a familiar sight to many shoppers and past and present customers. Despite being well-known, there are many aspects of the company that many people do not know about.

  1. They have stores in more than ten countries
  2. They have over 50 stores in Spain
  3. They provide customers with a two-year warranty after repairing electronics
  4. CEX was designed to mean “Computer Exchange”
  5. CEX have an annual staff-only music festival

Products And Services

Cex offers customer many different services revolving around phones, computers, video games and consoles, TV and film and some other electronics. They offer to repair electronic devices with a no-fix-no-fee guarantee. If they cannot repair your device, they will not charge you for it. Any device repaired by them comes with a two-year warranty. Customers can also trade in old, unused, abandoned or just generally unwanted electronics in return for cash or store credit. If choosing store vouchers, the customer will receive better value for their trade-ins than if they choose cash. Customers may also buy new and used electronics from them at discount prices. For the most part, Cex is a trading platform with the company being the middleman and taking a cut.

A Brief History

The business was started by Robert Dudani and Paul Farrington in 1992. It originated on Tottenham Court Road in London as a single store. The company initials were originally an acronym for "Computer eXchange" but due to the diversification of products and services, the initials have been rebranded to stand for "Complete Entertainment eXchange". One of the pair, Robert Dudani, made an appearance on a UK TV show called Secret Millionaire after the company suffered as part of the Blackberry Riots in 2011. Yet, the company remains successful with more than 500 stores worldwide, including a presence in Italy, Mexico, Poland, the Netherlands, Australia, India, Spain, Ireland and their biggest market, the UK.  They also host their own, staff-only, music festival annually.

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