Budgens is a popular chain of food stores that can be found scattered all over the United Kingdom which is known for its quality of goods and the exceptional savings that can be had from purchasing them. Larger than smaller grocery stores but smaller than supermarkets, most Budgens stores are considered to be convenience stores in terms of size. They offer shoppers the ability to get their hands on most types of food products but with a smaller selection compared to many larger establishments. At Budgens you can buy a wide range of baked goods including breads and pastries, tinned foods, packaged food such as crisps and biscuits, refrigerated goods like butter, milk and cheese, fresh fruit and vegetables and more. They specialise in bulk buys.

Budgens Opening Hours and Locations

Mostly located in smaller towns and villages, Budgens gives locals the ability to purchase their food items conveniently and at a good price, many times in bulk packs and multibags. There are more than 200 branches of Budgens in the UK with the South of England having the most open Budgens establishments. The stores have a family feel to them which is aided by the fact that many are independently run and via their well-known logo it will never be too difficult to identify them as you walk past.

Due to Budgens often being described as a chain of convenience stores, opening times can differ right across the board. The fact that many of these stores are independently owned will also be a core factor is this differing range of operating hours of Budgens stores.  Some stores operate 24/7, others will open as early as 5 AM and close at 10 PM while some will have more standard closing and opening hours of between 7 AM and 10 PM.

Of course, over Christmas on days such as Christmas Day, New Years Day and over Easter on Good Friday and Easter Monday, you should expect to see a reduction in the hours of operation at most stores. This is the same on bank holidays as they will be subject to local regulations, and opening and closing times of Budgens should to be checked using the store locator. Find a Budgens open near you today.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Budgens

Here are five small facts that most will not have known about Budgens:

  1. Most Bugden stores are independently owned
  2. Budgens became part of the Booker Group in 2015
  3. A Budgens in Camden, London became the first store of its kind in the UK to be completely one-use plastic free in a bid to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the world's oceans
  4. Budgens was originally founded on the 28th of May 1872
  5. There was not a single Budgens store in Scotland until July 2016 when two were opened at the same time

Products and Services

Like a cross between a supermarket and convenience store, you can expect to see a variety of different types of food sold in Budgens. Fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and bread alongside tinned foods, confectionery, snacks, frozen foods and an array of drinking options, Budgens seemingly has at the very least a small range of what you are looking for. Cigarettes, alcohol, and other non-food related goods will also be sold in most stores.

Most stores are owned independently so this range, which is usually a mixture of Budgens own brands and other well-known brands, will differ depending on the choices the owners decide to go with. What will be consistent across each store is their value for money pricing on the goods sold and a friendly group of staff that understand what the core values of what a Budgens store should be.  Being independently owned gives each store the chance to personalise their range of products and integrate better with the community needs. This helps them become “community stores” which is the feel that Budgens aim for.

A Brief History

Budgens first became a private limited company back in 1862 but it was not until 1872 that the first shop was opened in Maidenhead. Over the years the popularity of Budgens increased and thus so did the number of stores. For the next 100-years, the brand and its networks of stores increased but it was not until the 1980’s and 1990’s before it really started to explode in growth. Small towns all across the United Kingdom started to see a Budgens appear as its goal of bringing stores to small towns so that local people did not have to travel out too far to supermarkets quickly became its key to success.

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