Brewers is a chain of decoration centres. Their outlets sell different types and colours of paint, wallpaper, tools, ladders, hardware and more. They are well-known in the UK due to their long existence and their large number of branches. In fact, the decorative retailers have more than 160 stores to their name which are the result of over a century of work. Interestingly, their high standards have meant they are holders of a royal warrant to supply products to the royal family. You’ll find a comprehensive selection of products available from this retailer including workwear, paints, wallpapers and wall fabrics, woodcare products, coving, spray painting equipment, tools and hardware, brushes and rollers, abrasives, fillers and sealants, thinners and solvents, cleaning products, tapes and adhesive and even problem solving home decoration products. With excellent special offers and all products available on the website as well as in physical stores, it’s never been easier to bring your home up to date.

Brewers Opening Times And Branch Location

As mentioned, Brewers are the owners of more than 160 establishments where they trade their products with the general public. These 160-plus stores are located throughout the UK and found in many shopping centres and industrial estates. More specifically, they are in over 130 towns and cities. This means most of the UK’s population can seamlessly access one of their stores without travelling too far. People residing in London, Southampton and Brighton have access to the most Brewers stores in their local area. The company has some familiar branding to help people notice their stores. Many of their stores are painted in a navy colour and display their logo above the store entrance. The logo simply reads the company name in white lettering on a navy background. A yellow graphic stems above the text and below it is a phrase reading “Decorator Centres”.

Most of their establishments have the same Brewers opening times. Those heading to a branch on a weekday should aim to arrive between 7am and 5pm. On Saturdays, Brewers opening times do not differ too much to those on a weekday. On a Saturday, they are open between 8am and 5pm but they are closed on a Sunday. Some branches may work from a different schedule; it is always best to consult the specific hours of a branch you intend to visit. To do this, there is a free and accurate tool on It is even more advisable to use this tool at times of the year when changes to Brewers opening times are more likely, for example, on New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and on bank holidays.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Brewers

Brewers are well known amongst most of the British public and even in Buckingham Palace. However, there are many things about the business that the average person will not be aware of. These includes:

  • They have been operating for more than 150 years
  • It is a family business
  • As of 2018, they are the largest decorative retailers in the UK
  • They have one of the largest ranges of wallpaper in the world
  • They have a royal warrant

Products And Services

These decorative retailers stock a range of products that will help a customer in any property redecoration. They offer a range of paints from top brands such as Johnstone’s and Deluxe. They also sell spray paints, solvents and one of the biggest selections of wallpaper that can be found anywhere. On top of products like these, they also stock many tools to aid a home redecoration project. Customers can buy paint brushes, ladders, rollers, dust sheets, tape measures and more. They also have a popular woodcare department and even sell protective working clothes and safety equipment. The general public can make good use out of their website by reading their how-to guides and problem-solving posts.

A Brief History

Clement Brewer opened the first Brewers store back in 1904. It became a family business when five of his sons joined their father in making the company grow and expand. Their sole shop in Sussex soon became one of many. New stores opened in new locations and all of them stayed in the family over the generations. They remain one of the most successful family business in the UK.

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