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Bonmarché – Ladies Fashion Retailers

Bonmarché is a fashion retailer for ladies. They sell various clothing items such as knitwear, lingerie, nightwear, dressing gowns, swimwear, skirts, dresses, jeans and much more. Their garments cater for different sized women and they also offer a plus-sized range of clothing. They operate more than 380 stores across the UK and employ over 4000 people. Not many Bonmarché customers will be aware, but the name is sometimes referred to as a French translation for “cheap”. However, the French do not have a direct translation for the word “cheap” in their language. It is more accurately translated as “a good idea” although it translates literally to “bargain price” (Google Translate simply offers ‘cheap’ as a translation!).

Bonmarché Opening Times And Store Locations

Their extensive list of stores on our store locator can be found spread out around the UK in the high streets, shopping precincts and shopping centres of major cities and towns.  In actual fact, their 380-and-counting stores can be located in more than 260 locations. This also means that some customers are afforded the luxury to shop at more than one of their stores within their local area. Residents of Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham have the most stores to choose from locally. Their stores are easily noticeable due to the company’s branding. The fronts of their stores are plain white with the logo on the front. The logo simply reads the business name in grey text on a white background with the accent on the “é” coloured in pink.

Most of their outlets have the same business opening hours and are open from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 5.30pm. Their Saturday hours are the same as their weekday hours but on Sunday their opening time is reduced to 10am until 4pm. It is always best to find the opening hours of a specific Bonmarché store near you before visiting to avoid disappointment. Some stores may use different opening hours due to location, check our store locator to see if there’s one open today near you. Hours may also change on New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and some bank holidays. Their stores may also be closed on these days.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Bonmarché

Their business may have been operating for some time and have built up a large customer base in the UK, but there are still many interesting facts about the business which even the most loyal of their customers may be unfamiliar with. These include:

  1. The first store was opened in Doncaster
  2. They launched a collection with the designer of Lady Diana’s wedding dress
  3. It was founded by a Sikh businessman
  4. It started as a door-to-door clothing sales company after World War Two
  5. It is over 50 years old and is a product of the clothing boom that appeared post-World War Two

Products And Services

Bonmarché exclusively stock and sell clothing items for women. Their products range in sizes to cater for different women, including those requiring plus sizes. Their range is extensive and includes formal and casual clothes for different seasons. This includes but is not limited to skirts, jeans, tops, knitwear, evening wear, nightwear and swimwear. Their products come from brands such as Krush, Izabel London, Stella Morgan, Cushion Walk and more. They also run an online fashion blog to inspire and discuss trends and outfits. Their products can be bought in-store or ordered online for delivery.

A Brief History

The business was started by a Sikh businessman by the name of Parkash Sing Chima. Mr. Chima arrived in the UK in the middle of the 20th century and started a door-to-door clothing company. He sold items that were in high demand after the Second World War. The success from this business allowed Mr. Chima to purchase two other clothing retailers who operated from indoor markets. He then ran the business with his sons and opened the first high street store in Doncaster in the 1980s. The business expanded considerably and it remained in the family until it was sold to the Peacock Group in the middle of 2002.

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