Belvoir is an estate agent operating in the UK. They help property owners to bring their homes to the rental market and to help them sell. They also help people find local properties to rent and buy. They have more than 170 offices in the UK. These offices are responsible for over 30,000 properties with a combined valuation of more than ten-million pounds. As a nationwide provider of estate agency services, Belvoir serves both residential and commercial markets with a buy to let service for landlords. This firm of estate agents also offer market leading insurance services, free appraisals and outstanding property marketing. Belvoir also offers expert advice to both first time and experienced landlords, tenants and buyers to help simplify the process of buying, selling or renting a property.This estate agent also works closely with the Mortgage Bureau to offer independent mortgage advice to buyers so that they can find the best deal to suit their needs.

Belvoir Opening Times And Office Locations

Their 170-plus branches are spread throughout the UK in major towns and cities. They are usually found in central areas and on high streets. Finding one of their branches is very simple due to the company’s distinct branding and their notable logo. Their storefronts are usually painted in a deep red colour with the company name written on top in a white text. Below the text there is more text reading “property is personal”. You will find one of these storefronts in more than 140 cities, meaning most of the British public have easy access to at least one of their branches. Residents of London, Liverpool and Nottingham have access to the most branches in one area and are more likely to be familiar to the storefronts just described.

Wherever the nearest Belvoir branch is located, the Belvoir opening times are usually standard with the majority of their establishments. From Monday to Friday, their offices are usually open between 9am and 5pm. On Saturdays, Belvoir opening times are reduced to 9am until 1pm. Most branches are closed on Sundays. Naturally, some of their locations may work from a different business schedule and open at different times. To avoid disappointment, it is always advised to consult a specific branch’s opening times on The site has a free and easy-to-use tool to locate the opening times of the UK’s top retailers’ branches. This is even more important at certain times of the year when Belvoir opening times are likely to change or stores may be closed, such as New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and on bank holidays.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Belvoir

Belvoir may have helped you, a friend or a family member find their dream home. Yet, there are many things about the business that even some of their past clients are not aware of. These facts include:

  • They manage more than 30,000 properties
  • They were founded over 20 years ago
  • They were founded by a husband-and-wife duo
  • They have frequently won awards for their customer service
  • They run an informative online blog

Products And Services

As an estate agent in the UK, Belvoir helps UK residents find and sell a property. They run a landlord package to help landlords get the best out of their property and help them find tenants. People can go to their website or to one of their offices and search for properties for rent and sale. People can also go to them to list their property or get mortgage advice. They also publish a series of discussion topics on their blog to provide relevant and up-to-date information regarding the UK’s property market.

A Brief History

In 1995, Mike and Stephanie Goddard founded Belvoir. The married couple used their skills and know-how to open their first estate agent. They grew steadily but surely, and in 2012, the company was the first residential estate agent to feature on the London Stock Exchange. The business has remained in their hands and they have managed to grow it considerably ever since. With more than 170 branches dotted around the UK, they are one of the most successful estate agents currently in operation around the UK.

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