Beefeater Restaurants

Beefeater Restaurants

Beefeater is a brand well known for its family-friendly restaurants that have been serving UK residents for over forty years in the United Kingdom. After years of serving up such delicious pub style food such as the ever popular Sunday carvery, steak, grills, burgers, fish and chips, pies, salmon and just about any other favourite in the UK. A Beefeater Restaurant is always guaranteed to fill your stomach, cheer up the kids and save you some money compared with higher-end restaurants. They are well-known for their steak dishes and have gained quite a reputation for their other meaty dishes too. Once the mains are done with, diners can then look forward to a selection of deserts. Popular choices include brownies, ice cream and profiteroles. All can be enjoyed with a selection of soft or alcoholic drinks at any of their establishments.

In total, there are now 140+ Beefeater establishments across the UK delivering pub quality food in a more family-oriented atmosphere.

Beefeater Opening Times And Restaurant Locations

Most Beefeater restaurants have been purposely located closeby to motorways. These are usually accompanied by a Premier Inn located next door. Retail parks and high streets are known to have a few Beefeater restaurants but they prefer to be close to motorways simply because it gives easier access to a wider audience.

The Beefeater logo has changed a number of times over the years with the latest being italic lettering with an orange cow standing next to the name. Finding the location of one can be done easily on the internet, with us or on the Beefeater site but it should be noted that most establishments will be close to major cities such as London, Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow.

Beefeater Opening times are normally quite standard across the board with most open at around 12 AM and closing at 11 PM Monday to Saturday. They will mostly be open on Sundays as well but while they open at the same time will close a little earlier at 10.30 PM.  As expected, over Christmas or other holidays such as Good Friday or Easter Monday, Beefeater opening times may change due to local regulations. To find out if one of their establishments is open near you, you can find out the exact beefeater opening times of any branch by using the locator tool at This tool will give any user access to all 140+ beefeater restaurant opening times.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Beefeater Restaurants

Beefeater has been around for many years in the UK now but many will still be unaware of a few of these simple facts:

  1. Beefeater restaurants serve more than 12 million customers a year in the UK
  2. All steaks are personally sourced carefully by Beefeater to ensure the utmost quality and then aged for an additional three weeks to increase flavor and tenderness
  3. Chefs at Beefeater are all academy trained
  4. Beefeater is from the same group that owns Brewer Fayre pub restaurants
  5. Kids are always treated to activity packs, games and other forms of entertainment

Products and Services

Beefeater restaurants made their name by selling top-notch pub grub served in family-friendly surroundings that are perfect to bring the kids to. They are given plenty of entertainment while the parents can enjoy a meal, a drink and generally have a good time. The menu will differ depending on the branch but the quality is a common theme throughout each of them.

Steaks, burgers, grills and Sunday roasts are a firm favourite but there are so many other dishes on the menu as well. National favourites, international dishes, sides, breakfasts and a healthy kids menu are all there to be enjoyed and savoured. Children are given activity packs while there are play areas for them to have some fun. Beers, wines and other beverages are available for parents, while children are given an option of soft drinks, juices and water.

A Brief History

Beefeater was launched in 1974 when the first of its pub restaurants were opened. That was the Halfway House in Enfield and it specialised in selling simple foods such as char-grilled steaks. This led to a number of other establishments opening up over the next 20-years.

It has not always been plain sailing for Beefeater as the chain did struggle in the late 90’s due to the economy and stiff competition. However, like most good business, it has managed to come out the other side and is now going strong once again. There are now more 140 beefeater pub restaurants in the UK and we can envisage them continuing to provide a fun and filling day out for families for many more years to come.  

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