Autocare forms part of an international programme of over 6000 garages in over 20 countries across Europe – EuroGarage. There are more than 600 different UK garages within the AutoCare network, and all of these are independent operators. Garages can only become part of AutoCare by invitation only, and this ensures that motorists can enjoy a reliable and trustworthy experience when having their car serviced or MOT’d. Every garage within the network has made a commitment to the approved codes of practice of the Chartered Trading Standards.  Each garage is checked against the standards expected by Autocare and are inspected on a regular basis to ensure that these standards are being maintained.

AutoCare can fix and repair just about any vehicle maintenance job, from engine issues to simpler tasks such as refilling the air conditioning. Take your vehicle to an AutoCare near you, and not only will you benefit from years of experience in the field, but you’ll also known that you’re with a trusted name. Check our store locator to see which AutoCare branches near you are open today for car repair or MOT enquiries.

AutoCare Opening times & store locations

There are more than 600 independent UK garages which are part of the AutoCare network, and there are branches located all over the country, from the north of Scotland to the south of England as well as Wales and Northern Ireland. The opening hours of AutoCare nationwide will, naturally, vary depending on the garage itself since each one is an independent operator. This extends also to opening times on public and bank holidays like Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Boxing Day, Easter Monday and Good Friday. Usually, independent garages are closed on these days, however some of the network members may be open. Check our store locator to find the nearest AutoCare to you, and you’ll also be able to see all of the AutoCare opening times today.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Autocare

  1. AutoCare is able to service any vehicle without affecting its warranty since only manufacturer approved parts are used.
  2. Technicians and mechanics at every one of Autocare’s member garages receives free training from Autocare to ensure they are up to standard - all of this training is certified by Autocare or external competent bodies.
  3. All Autocare garages are part of the EuroGarage network which extends across two continents and 20 countries.
  4. Customers can bring their cars for a service, a repair or an MOT to any of the garages within the network.
  5. All of the garages within the AutoCare network are independent operators within their local areas but all meet common high standards which are checked on a regular basis by the Autocare mechanics and auditors.

Products & Services

The network’s independent garages all offer servicing, repairs and MOTs for vehicles in the UK. All work is carried out to recognised standards and using either original manufacturer’s or equivalent quality parts so that no vehicle’s warranty is voided. This network is also part of the Right2Choose scheme which aims to make motorists aware that they are entitled by law to take their vehicle to any garage for servicing. Many car owners mistakenly believe that they will invalidate their vehicle’s warranty if they use a garage other than their dealership for regular servicing or repairs, however this is not the case as long as the garage uses original or manufacturer approved parts. All of the network’s members have signed up to a policy of only using such parts when carrying out work on customers’ vehicles for their complete peace of mind and these parts can be checked at any time by the consumer or the Autocare auditors.

A Brief History

The AutoCare network was first established in 2005 by Maria McCullough who is still the group’s manager today. Originally starting out with far fewer garages in the network than there are today, the group was originally competing with a number of other similar garage networks. However, today, the network has expanded greatly, and there are more than 600 different independent garages all over the UK which have become part of this network to take advantage of the training and courses which member garages can benefit from. Although there are now hundreds of garages which are part of the network, more than 70 of them have been with the network from the very beginning. Since the numbers of garages joining up with AutoCare are increasing all the time, it is likely that very soon there will be even more branches opening up all across the UK in the near future.

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