Ann Summers

About Ann Summers

The Ann Summers brand is synonymous with sexy lingerie and sex toys. This British retailer dates back to the 1970s and has specialised in improving sex lives nationwide for four decades. Today, there are over 140 stores on high streets across the UK, Channel Islands and Ireland, and since the takeover of the Knickerbox retailer in 2000, the brand has also expanded into everyday comfortable underwear too. The Ann Summers party is also still going strong, with women enjoying these fun-filled evenings with an opportunity to buy sex toys, lingerie and other sex aids in the comfort of the home environment. The Ann Summers product range is quite extensive, encompassing all kinds of sexy lingerie from suspender belts and bras to knickers and stockings. There are also more comfortable underwear options along with dressing up costumes, sex toys and marital aids, gifts, bondage gear and nightwear. There are also seasonal items to suit the time of year. Products can be found both in the physical stores and online.

Ann Summers Opening times & store locations

There are more than 140 different locations of Ann Summers stores, with some being on high streets and others in shopping malls nationwide. Depending on the location, Anne Summers opening times vary, with most stores being open seven days a week. Ann Summers opening hours are shorter on Sundays. On weekdays and Saturdays, some branches stay open until 8pm or 9pm while others close as early as 5pm or 6pm. Sunday opening hours will vary but will usually be between 11am and 5pm. The Ann Summers opening times on public holidays like Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday and Easter Monday also vary depending on the local area’s opening regulations. You can check out the Ann Summers opening times on our store locator site to find the opening hours for the branches closest to you.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Ann Summers

  1. This retailer invented the famous “rampant rabbit” sex toy and two million are sold from its stores and online retail presence every year.
  2. There are more than 4000 Ann Summers parties held every week.
  3. The first store opened in 1970 as a sex shop, but then in 1972 its first branch as a lingerie retailer was opened.
  4. Although Ann Summers wasn’t a real person, the girlfriend of the original store owner was persuaded to change her name from Annice Goodwin for her own directorship of the company.
  5. Jacqueline Gold invented the Ann Summers party in 1981 after getting her inspiration from the Tupperware party which was so popular at that time.

Products & Services

Ann Summers is famous as a retailer of sexy lingerie, sex toys and erotic items. The brand sells a wide range of lingerie from that designed solely for use in the bedroom to more comfortable and practical everyday underwear. Shoppers can choose from an impressive collection of sex toys for both men and women as well as erotic clothing, bondage gear and dress-up outfits. For those looking for something more functional, there is also a range of nightwear and loungewear together with seasonal items and gifts. The Ann Summers party is another unique feature of this brand and around 4000 parties are still held every week exclusively for women only in their own homes.

A Brief History

The company was originally named after Annice Goodwin, the secretary and mistress of the founder, Michael Cabourn-Waterfield. He liked the sound of the name Ann Summers and persuaded her to change her name. The very first store was opened in London’s Marble Arch back in 1970 and quickly expanded to six locations. Although it was originally purely a sex shop, in 1971 when the Gold brothers took over the brand it moved into lingerie and became a high street name. Jacqueline Gold took over the brand in 1981 and the Ann Summer party plan was born. Today there are over 140 retail outlets across the UK, Channel Islands, Ireland and Spain and there are over 7000 party organisers in the UK today. The brand’s famous parties are solely for women and include the opportunity for women to purchase lingerie and sex toys in the comfort of their own homes as well as fun filled party games.

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