Aldi – A Worldwide Supermarket

Aldi is a chain of supermarkets originating from Germany but operating worldwide. They are the combination of two discount chains and have more than 10,000 stores in over 20 countries. One chain is known as Aldi Nord and the other is Aldi Süd. The literal translation of these two chains is Aldi North and Aldi South. They both come from Germany in their respective locations and there is even an Aldi border, or “Aldi Äquator”, stemming across Germany that separates them. The two sub-chains of Aldi operate in different locations.

Aldi stores in the UK are part of the Aldi South chain. Their products include fruit, vegetables, meat, confectionary, frozen foods, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and much more. It is one of the cheapest supermarkets available to shoppers in the UK, with tins of food costing just a few pence compared to regular prices. Much of the food, including the frozen and refrigerated produce, is imported from European countries where the cost is much cheaper. Aldi, like any other food retailer, is regulated by the Food Standards Agency to ensure that produce coming in from the continent is of an acceptable standard.

Aldi Opening Times and Store Locations

In the UK, there are more than 380 Aldi supermarkets which can be found with our store locator to check if there is an Aldi near you open today. Their supermarkets are located in over 180 cities and towns. This means that many locations have access to more than one Aldi supermarket. The places with most stores are Manchester, Liverpool and Nottingham. Identifying one of their supermarkets is straightforward due to the company's branding. They typically adopt the colours orange, yellow, blue and white and their logo bearing these colours is displayed on their storefronts and on large signs nearby. The logo reads the company name in white on a blue square with an orange and yellow border. Above the test is a series of lighter blue stripes.

Most of their supermarkets are open seven days per week and have extensive business hours to cater for early commuters and evening shoppers. The majority of Aldi branch opening times are between 8am and 10pm from Monday to Saturday. Sunday opening times change at most of their establishments as most will be operational for fewer hours between 10am and 4pm. Some Aldi store opening and closing hours may fluctuate or run on a different schedule due to location or time of the year. It is recommended to locate a specific Aldi store's business hours before visiting to avoid disappointment. Opening hours should be consulted for those wanting to visit on New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and bank holidays. Stores may be closed on some or all of these days, so be sure to check our Aldi branch checker which will provide details of all Aldi opening hours in the UK.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Aldi

As the German company is known in many continents and multiple countries, it would be easy to assume that a lot of people know all there is to know about Aldi. However, there are some interesting facts about the company that many people are not aware of, including:

  1. Aldi South stores are more internationally dispersed than Aldi North stores
  2. Most stores outside of Europe are Aldi South stores and Europe has a mixture of both
  3. There are two strands of Aldi because of an argument over cigarettes!
  4. They have a reputation for paying employees at above-industry wages
  5. They operate a mobile network in Europe and own Telstra in Australia

Products And Services

Aldi offers many products you would also find in other supermarkets. This includes fruit and vegetables, meat, convenience meals, frozen food, baked goods, confectionery and much more. They also sell toiletries, cleaning products and some useful home items and appliances. They also run special days where customers have the opportunity to buy international foods they would not normally have easy access to. As mentioned above, they also operate a mobile network.  They focus on brand names that may not be well-known in the UK, but are of a comparable quality - often at a much-reduced price.

A Brief History

The roots of Aldi can be traced back to the second decade of the 20th century when two German boys started helping their mother run her food store in Essen, Germany. The boys continued the business and opened their own store after the war. The boys grew their business and then had a disagreement whether their stores should sell cigarettes. This disagreement is why the store now has two strands – Aldi North and Aldi South. Private family foundations now own both strands of the business and they continue to grow internationally and within the UK. Check to see if there’s an Aldi open near you today.

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