Yours or Yours Clothing is the leading retailer and clothing brand in the UK that specialises in women's plus size clothing. It is a company that believes that more voluptuous and larger ladies should still be able to find affordable clothing in their sizes. Their range includes everything from trendy tops and trousers to beautiful dresses and an extensive amount of lingerie and nightwear, all in sizes 16 to 36. You can find fashionable skirts, tops, jeans, knitwear and outwear as well as accessories and jewellery. From its humble beginnings as a discount store based in Felixstowe, it has grown to have more than 140 stores throughout the country, that have varying opening times. It has a reputation for great prices and clothes that women of a certain size just can't get anywhere else.  

Hours and Locations

The city with the most Yours outlets is Glasgow, closely followed by Bristol and London, but really, curvy ladies will be able to find a Yours clothing store near them, as they are situated in a total of 130 towns and cities. While some branches are bigger than others, establishments are still incredibly easy to spot, thanks to the pink heart motif in front of the capitalised YOURS. Although the Yours opening times will vary depending on their location and local regulations, as a general rule of thumb Yours opening times are from 9am to 7pm or 8pm, though some stores are even open until 9pm.

Most branches are opened Monday through to Sunday, though there will again be differences depending on locale. One public holidays and bank holidays such as Easter Monday, New Year's Day and Boxing Day, it is important to check local branches for Yours opening times (if in fact, they even are). Check out our online store locator to find Yours opening times for branches closest to you.

5 Fun Facts about Yours

Yours Clothing is synonymous now with fashionable plus-size clothing. It is the go-to place for women who want to look their best and flaunt the curves they have, without feeling patronised or marginalised. As popular as the brand has become though, there are still things that many people might not know about it. If you are a bit of a trivia hunter and looking for tasty titbits to share with your friends or just really like learning as much as you can about a brand, then we have you sorted. Here are 5 facts you may or may not have known about yours Clothing.

  1. Famous plus-size models Tess Holliday and Hayley Hasselhoff (yes, that Hasselhoff) have both modelled for Yours Clothing
  2. CEO and founder of Yours, Andrew Killingsworth is still heavily involved in the business, visiting stores, meeting customers and talking to them and he even accepts emails with feedback.
  3. The company is not just a British business anymore as it operates in more than 90 different countries
  4. It also has numerous websites in various languages
  5. The clothing brand launched its very own Yours Awards in 2017 to celebrate and recognise advocates of the plus-size industry and people have done their part to push things forward.

Products and Services

As the biggest and most popular retailer of plus-sized clothing in the UK, it's no surprise that women looking for stylish items made to fit their curvier sizes can find virtually anything they need and want from the brand. Each of its categories has a wide variety of different styles and colours to suit all personal tastes. Take the bottoms/trousers category for instance, everything from trousers, shorts and skirts to skinny jeans, leggings, joggers and even jeggings are available. The tops category is similarly packed-full of everything from simple, but cool t-shirts to knitted jumpers and tops, blouses, shirts and various cover-ups and cardigans.

As is the dresses selection with evening, maxi, midi, party and skater dresses all for sale. Yours, like many other clothing brands, have collections and promotional items. As a plus-size clothing brand though, they know that underwear and lingerie is an area where many women struggle to find things that actually fit. That's why they have a comprehensive range of shapewear, tights, and babydolls available, along with a huge range of alternative styles of knickers and bras. Nightwear, footwear and a multitude of finishing touches and accessories ensure that the chain really is providing a one-stop shop for larger sized ladies.

Brief History

The story of Yours began 20 years ago in East Anglia, when Andrew Killingsworth, the founder, was at a market stall. He was buying and selling large volumes of ladies clothing, when he had one parcel that contained exclusively plus-size garments. Those were the biggest sellers and it was then that he realised there was an untapped market for plus-sized clothing at affordable prices.

The company slowly and steadily grew from 1994 up to the present day, opening a total of more than 140 outlets throughout the country, along with many more in 90 countries throughout the world. Including 12 in the Middle East alone. The business is run from its Peterborough-based head office. The headquarters are home to a 90,000-ft warehouse, a photography studio, customer services department and other essential head office departments.

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