Plumbase has made a name for itself as the leading supplier of plumbing materials and equipment, servicing the construction sector in particular. The company specialises in all kinds of heating and plumbing products, including everything from bathroom furniture and hardware to boiler spare parts and just about anything else you can think of in-between. Their stores, of which there are more than 220 throughout the country, are also manned by highly knowledgeable teams that can help professionals and DIYers find the right tools, equipment and materials they need. This shouldn't really be surprising as the company has over 150 years' worth of experience.

Plumbase Opening Times And Store Locations

There are Plumbase branches in more than 140 different cities in the UK, though the location with the most outlets of the plumbing merchant supplier is London, closely followed by Sunderland and Edinburgh. However, so widespread are they that most people will find it easy enough to find a store in their local area. They have an easy to recognisable storefront with red writing against a white background.

The Plumbase opening times of their outlets are generally from 7am to 5pm from Monday through to Friday, with shorter opening times on Saturdays. On Sunday though, most are closed. The opening times of Plumbase stores vary though from location to location and can often depend on local regulations and public holidays. So, using is ideal for when people are looking for local Plumbase opening times. Site visitors can make use of a simple but accurate branch locator tool to find the most updated Plumbase opening times. It is especially useful to search opening times at Plumbase stores on bank holidays and other days like Easter Monday, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

5 Interesting Facts About Plumbase

Plumbase has been operating for a long time, it's true and while that means that there is not a lot that people don't know. However, there is always more you can learn about even the most popular and long-running Plumbase. What many people do not know is that Plumbase has done a lot for charity over the last few years, so that is why we have highlighted some of the interesting charitable things teams and staff or the company have been involved in.

  1. Towards the start of 2018 it was revealed by Plumbase that the most popular boiler spare part they sold was their range of PCBs or Printed Circuit Boards
  2. Plumbase pledged a total of £10,000 as sponsorship in support of one of their customers, Kris Elliot. The firefighter and Blair Elliot, his brother, used the funds to compete in a boating challenge known as the Talisker Atlantic challenge, which is a distance of 3,000-miles
  3. In 2012, Plumbase persuaded 18 female employees to strip for a Christmas calendar in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support
  4. The regional director of Plumbase, Ian Golden, raised money by cycling over 470km starting in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and finishing up at Un Siem Reap, Cambodia eight days later. It was on behalf of Alzheimer's Society
  5. Plumbase was formed over 150 years ago and has transitioned through many changes of name to where it stands today


As Plumbase are the go-to plumbing and heating merchant supplier for the construction industry and all other related sectors, there is everything professionals need. This includes all parts and tools, including heating & hot water products such as boilers, radiators, pumps, various control panels and other water storage and heating, as well as underfloor heating, central heating treatments and renewables. Bathrooms, showers, taps, kitchens and ventilation are also covered, along with pipes of all kinds, various other fittings and even gutterings.

In addition to the raw materials, components and heating systems, Plumbase also stock a wide selection of power tools. This includes everything from power tools and hand tools to testing equipment, tapes, ropes and storage units for tools.

Brief history

Plumbase began life an amazing 155 years ago, before it was part of the Grafton Group PLC. Although it has become so much bigger than this humble start, the company has never lost sight of or forgotten where it came from. The original Plumbase was actually called H. Bradley and was a heating and plumbing business that consisted of six branches throughout London. It remained that way until it was bought by Grafton in 1994 and then was given the name Plumbase in 1998. In that time, they have built up the business.

It has grown steadily and added to its product line. The staff are passionate and knowledgeable about plumbing and heating products. One of the things that really makes Plumbase stand out is the fact that they are the only heating and plumbing merchants that launch a 24-hour boiler spares line.

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