One Stop Stores

One Stop Stores

One Stop are a network of convenience stores located throughout England, Wales and Scotland. They have over 900 stores spread throughout the UK in small towns and large cities to provide local customers with convenient shopping and a range of other services - they are very  much a community based retailer who engage with suppliers and staff in their areas. They stock many different well-known brands of food and drink, as well as some lesser-known and cheaper alternatives. Their products include meat, vegetables, convenience food, newspapers, scratch cards, confectionary and more. It is very much a place where you can get just about anything you need on a daily basis such as bread, milk, butter, cheese, chocolate bars and sweets. Using the name “One Stop” for a local shop originated in the United States as a way to promote a convenient alternative to get everything you need compared to having to drive all over town to get all your necessities.

One Stop Opening Times And Store Locations

As mentioned, One Stop has over 900 stores spread throughout the UK. More than one store will be found in larger locations and the opening times of One Stops can vary depending on not only the size of the store, but the location too. In total, they sell their products to locals in more than 350 UK cities and towns. The cities with the most One Stop stores include Leeds, Stoke and Norwich. If on a high street or shopping center in one of these 350-plus locations, you are likely to recognise their establishments by their logo. They have blue and white branding and the logo is simply the name of the store with a slim red line between both words. The white text is slightly larger on the word “stop” and both words sit on a blue background.

One Stop stores operate extended opening hours to be even more convenient for customers. Most stores are open seven days per week. From Monday to Sunday they have regular opening times between 6am and 11pm. However, it is always best to check with your local One Stop store, opening hours may vary depending on location. This is even more advisable on public holidays such as New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and bank holidays – these days may have reduced opening hours or they may even be closed all day. Check if there’s a One Stop open near you today using our branch locator.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About One Stop Stores

One Stop Stores may be a familiar site to many urban dwellers across the UK. However, despite their familiarity, there are certainly some things about the business and the way that they operate which will not be known by everyone. Here are five interesting facts about the business:

  1. One Stop are licenced as a Lottery Sales Location
  2. One Stop can offer Post Office Services
  3. They employ over 10,000 staff members
  4. One Stop are a Tesco subsidiary and will not tend to be located close to each other in competition
  5. One Stop have their own branded label for products

Products And Services

One Stop stores have a number of services. They provide local customers with a choice between branded products and their own labelled alternatives at a cheaper price. Their meats and milk are sourced from UK farms - they aim to source locally where possible - or you can get fresh vegetables from their Italian suppliers. They are open for extended hours to cater for the young professional picking up a newspaper to the working parent picking up a bottle of wine to go with dinner.

Their products extend past foods and beverages by offering a number of other services. You can escape the ATM queues by getting free bank withdrawals inside their stores, send mail, cross your fingers and pick up a National Lottery ticket, and pick up a missed Hermes delivery. You can also check out their recommended recipes on their website to get some meal inspiration.

A Brief History

Since 2003, One Stop has become a subsidiary of UK giants Tesco but remain operating as a separate business. They continued to provide their products and services to residents of England and Wales but as recently as 2015 have expanded into Scotland and now run multiple stores north of Hadrian's Wall.   POne Stop and Tesco stores will not tend to operate in the same area, in competition, but as neither carries the brands of the other, many people are simply not aware of the link.

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