Mothercare has over 50 years in operation, set itself as the go-to store for all parents to buy everything they need for children up to the age of 8 years old. Since it established itself in 1961 with the opening of its first store, it has grown to have over 130 establishments throughout the country, in both out of town and in-town locations. New and expectant mothers and their families, UK wide, are never far away from one of its outlets. Due to the fact that some are in situated in town and city centres, while others are in retail parks on the outskirts of metropolitan areas, there is a wide variety of different opening times. Needless to say, though, it is usually always top of the list of shops that people tend to visit when planning the arrival of a baby.

In the product range you’ll find everything you need to have a baby from maternity wear and maternity products to baby clothing, pushchairs, cots, cot linen, baby accessories, baby baths and toys.

Locations and Hours

More than 110 towns and cities are home to a Mothercare of some kind, with London being home to the most establishments. Manchester and Glasgow are next on the list, but its practical and extensive selection of baby and child products can be bought virtually anywhere. Mothercare shops are easy to spot thanks to the lower-case writing in blue or white and the M logo with a child-like figure in the second arch. Given that there is a wide variety of different locations that are home to Mothercare establishments, it makes sense that there's also a wide variety of Mothercare opening times.

Generally, though, the earliest you are likely to find a Mothercare outlet open from Monday through to Friday is 9am, with the latest being anything from 6pm to even 10pm in some locales. The Mothercare opening times are reduced slightly for Saturdays and then a little more for Sundays. Obviously, it depends on the store in question and local regulations, so it's always important to check the exact Mothercare opening times for a specific store. Bank holidays and other public holidays such as Easter Monday, May Day and Boxing Day are also likely to have different opening times too. Check the Mothercare opening times at a branch near you with our online store locator.

5 Interesting Facts About Mothercare

Anyone who has ever had a child or is expecting one will know something about Mothercare. A large percentage of the people in the UK have probably even walked into a store and know that they sell pushchairs, baby clothes and all kinds of other pregnancy and baby related items. However, even with a company that has an illustrious 50 years of business behind it, there are still little titbits and interesting facts out there that not everyone knows. It's fun to learn a little more about the popular brands we are all aware of, which is why we have gathered together our favourite five.

  1. Popstar/Radio DJ Myleene Klass and Jools Oliver (Jamie Oliver's wife) had released their own boutique-style collections of clothing for children through Mothercare, named Baby K and Little Bird respectively.
  2. As of 2007, Mothercare has outlets and stores in over 45 countries
  3. In the same year it also bought the company that owns the Early Learning Centre brand
  4. Gurgle is a website set up by Mothercare to give mums access to specialist information.
  5. Mothercare teamed up with Hubbub to run a campaign to encourage people to GiftaBundle and pass outgrown clothes on to people who need them.

Products and Services

Mothercare is known for its high-quality range of baby clothes, pushchairs, car chairs, accessories and maternity wear for expectant mothers. It was always positioned as a one-stop shop for mothers-to-be and their families so they could prepare for their bundle of joy and didn't have to shop around other establishments. So, anyone in the market for just about anything they need, whether its nursery furniture, bedding, toys, feeding-related accessories or changing and bathing items, can find it at Mothercare alongside nursing bras and an extensive collection of clothing for both mother and child.

Mothercare are also notable though not just for the products they sell, but for the advice the staff can provide about products. There is a bra fitting service and to help new parents navigate through the tricky waters that is car seats, staff are always trained to a high level so that they can give the best advice possible.

Brief History

As a specialist retailer of various products designed for mothers and parents, babies and children, Mothercare began with just one outlet in Kingston, Surrey in 1961. The company originally focused its attention on maternity clothing, nursery furniture and pushchairs, but it eventually included clothing for children, up to five and then extended it further to eight years old. Nowadays, just about everything is available including baby clothing, maternity wear, equipment for travel, bathing, feeding, bedding, furnishings and furniture and toys.

While its main operations are in the UK, the company has franchise establishments in Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and other places on mainland Europe. IT originally was predominately a mail order business, but when it merged with Habitat, it started expanding from 1982 onwards. Over the years, the company has had some ups and downs and bought Early Learning Centre along the way. Before that though it had merged with BHS but eventually became the sole brand and the name changed from Habitat Mothercare to just Mothercare.

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