Europcar is a vehicle rental company. Despite what their name suggests, they operate in multiple countries inside and outside of Europe. They offer customers the chance to choose a vehicle from an extensive range. They lend small and large cars from top manufacturers, as well as offering many different types of vans and trucks. Their vehicles are used by tourists but also by locals needing a short-term solution to transporting needs. In the UK, they have more than 150 established branches. Not only can you rent a wide range of vehicles from Europcar including vans, luxury models, economy cars and family vehicles, you can also benefit from a host of additional services. These include car child seats, sat nav systems, additional drivers and extra insurance products. Customers can also choose one way rentals.

    Europcar Opening Times And Locations

    Those 150-and-counting outlets are spread widely across the UK, so many residents and visitors have easy access to their range of rental vehicles. In fact, their establishments are in more than 110 cities. You will find them in most major towns and cities, and at transport hubs such as train stations and airports. London, Bristol and Portsmouth are the locations with the most establishments. Residents of these places have a choice of branches within their local vicinity. Spotting one of their establishments is easy due to their bold and colourful branding. Their branches display the company logo which reads the company name in a white text on a green background. The text is then underlined in yellow. Most of their branches continue this colour theme.

    Many of their establishments work from a similar schedule and have the same Europcar opening times. From Monday to Friday, these branches are open from 8am until 6pm. On weekends the Europcar opening times schedule changes. On Saturdays, most establishments are open from the same time but close much earlier at 1pm. Most of their establishments are closed on Sundays. Some branches may work from a different schedule. Before visiting a branch, it is advised to consult the efficient branch-finder-opening-times tool on to find the Europcar opening times for branches near you. This is even more advisable on days when Europcar opening hours are more likely to change or stores could be closed, including New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and bank holidays as well as other public holidays.

    Five Things You Didn't Know About Europcar

    Europcar is a familiar sight from the arrival lounge in the airport to city centres across the globe. Yet, there are still many things about the business that people are not aware of, including their most loyal customers.

    • It is a French company
    • They used to be owned by Volkswagen and Renault
    • They frequently sponsor sporting teams
    • Their branches are in more than 140 countries
    • They have been operating for over 55 years

    Products And Services

    There is an extensive range of vehicles to rent at Europcar. Their vehicle categories include small cars for everyday use, family cars which are perfect for holidaymakers, vans and trucks. These categories include models from the likes of VW, Toyota, Hyundai and BMW. They also offer a range of luxury and prestigious cars to choose from.

    Along with their vehicles, they offer a number of services and extras. Services include a pickup and drop off option, insurance, an online check-in for a more efficient self-pick-up, the option to add satellite navigations and a loyalty programme for repeat customers. You can even choose to equip your rental with sport-equipment racks and add more drivers to your package.

    A Brief History

    Europcar was founded by Raoul-Louis Mattei in 1949. However, in its early years it went by a different name. It started as The Automobile Subscription before being rebranded two-years later. After a successful period of two decades, the company was bought by Renault and other partners. Volkswagen bought out all owning parties to take full control of Europcar by 1999. Volkswagen then sold the company on. Europcar has now become the buyers. They have bought other automobile startups including the more notable Ubeeqo – a car sharing company. They continue to operate internationally and have a strong presence in the UK.

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