Buildbase is the UK’s fastest growing builders merchants that provide materials, tools and equipment to both the general public and to professional tradespeople. Stocking everything from timber, cement,  fixings, adhesives, plumbing and electrical equipment, landscaping materials and even kitchen and bathroom ranges, Buildbase is the one-stop shop for any building or home project. They are a great option for anyone wanting to complete a small or large project on their property or for professionals needing to stock up on supplies. Buildbase currently has more than 165 branches throughout the United Kingdom despite only being founded in 1997.

Buildbase Opening Times and Branch Locations

Buildbase has a bright red logo with solid and clear white lettering and this bold and bright theme is carried on throughout each establishment in terms of décor and uniforms. As you might expect with a builders merchant, industrial estates and high streets are where you will locate Buildbase while cities such as London, Leicester and Ipswich and major towns are where most establishments will be located.  As an example, there are 12 branches of Buildbase spread across the city of London. Some of these are predominantly aimed at the trade market, whilst some are aimed at the DIY market.

Most Buildbase opening times are standard across their branches but some may work from a slightly different schedule. From Monday to Friday most Buildbase opening times start at 7 AM and close at 5 PM - while almost all branches will be closed on Sundays. on Saturdays, they are open between 8 AM and 12 PM. As probably expected, Christmas and other holiday periods will likely alter Buildbase opening times considerably so you should check to see the opening times of a specific Buildbase branch near you on Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday and on bank holidays as well. To consult accurate local Buildbase opening times from the south coastline to up and over Hadrian's Wall, use the branch locator at

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Buildbase

Despite being around for just over 20 years, Buildbase has already had a glorious past and looks to have a glittering future but you may not know these facts:

  1. Buildbase has sponsored many sports teams and events including Oxford United Football Club, Tivdale Football Club, the Buildbase FA Trophy and Buildbase FA Vase
  2. There are currently more than 3,000 people working for Buildbase in the United Kingdom
  3. Buildbase is BMF (Builders Merchants Federation) accredited
  4. Customers can also order via catalogue which is available on request at their centres or online
  5. Inside each branch of Buildbase is also a Hirebase, Electricbase and Plumbase which allow for the hiring of tools and equipment and the purchase of electrical and plumbing tools and equipment for the specific trades respectively

Products and Services

Whether you are a tradesman that require tools and materials for building work, landscaping, plumbing, electrical or painting and decorating or a home DIY’er looking for the required materials and tools, Buildbase has those categories of products. Furthermore, they also sell kitchen ranges, bathroom ranges and fixings and fittings which makes them the perfect all-in-one builders merchants.

Their products can be purchased and collected at any of their branches, can be ordered by for delivery from those same branches or you could even take a catalogue home or use their online store on their website to have the equipment and materials needed to be delivered for the ultimate in convenience.

They have literally thousands of products to choose from as you might expect from a builders merchants but they also provide a hire service, design service, brick matching, timber cutting and paint mixing services too. Basically, anything you need and they can do it for you at Buildbase.

A Brief History

Buildbase was first established in 1997 as the trading name for Grafton Groups and it quickly became exceptionally popular both with homeowners and tradesmen. They continued to grow the brand and in 2003 they were able to purchase Jackson Building Centres Ltd to greatly enhance the number of branches they had in the UK. This was added to with the acquisition of Direct Builders Merchants and Beaumont Forest Products and thus that number of branches has continued to grow to the more than 165 that they have today.

Since the inception of Buildbase, it has won the ‘Best National Builders Merchants award in the UK on numerous occasions.

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