B&M Bargains

B&M is the shortened name for B&M Bargains – a UK-based store selling a variety of items including furniture, electricals, toys, games, health and beauty products, stationery, clothing, footwear, and food and drinks. However, their food and drinks range is limited to confectionary and similar snacks rather than grocery-shopping-like produce.

They tend to include a lot of tinned or packeted produce from lesser known brands in their itinerary, but it’s not somewhere you can pick up fresh fruit and vegetables, although many have a small fridge for milk and cheese. Many times the price is so low on their products because they are not selling well in the wider national market at supermarkets, or the items are close to the expiry date. They run over 670 stores in the UK and have been noted as one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK. Within an eight-year period leading up to 2016, their revenue grew by a considerable 2400%.

Opening Times And Store Locations of B&M

The majority of their 670-plus stores are located throughout the UK on the high streets of most major towns and cities – over 290 to be exact. This means that they have multiple stores in larger cities and towns. The cities with the most B&M establishments include Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow. Encountering one of these stores is more likely in these places and more likely to be noticed due to their colorful logo. The company logo depicts the initials of the company in white with the “&” in orange. The text sits on a purple background with orange stripes striking inwards from the outside towards the company name in the center of the image.

Most of their stores are open seven days per a week and have standardised opening hours. From Monday to Friday they will be open between the hours of 9am and 8pm. On Saturdays, their stores will close two hours earlier at 6pm and on Sundays their business hours are significantly reduced to 10am to 4pm. It is advised to check with your local B&M store opening hours with our store locator, and it is especially useful to check this information in preparation for New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and bank holidays. They may have reduced opening times and may be closed on these days, so if you need to know the opening times of a B&M near you our site should be your first port of call - whatever day of the year.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About B&M Bargains

B&M Bargains have been serving satisfied customers for a long time on the UK’s high streets and in shopping centers, but there are still a number of things about the business that many people will not have heard of before. Here are five things about them that you may not have known:

  1. They employ over 25,000 members of staff
  2. Over three million people per week are estimated to shop in B&M
  3. Their direct relationship with suppliers means that they can price competitively.
  4. They added 480 stores in just eight years
  5. The business is over 40 years old

Products And Services

They provide customers with an array of different products from toys and food to garden ornaments. The versatility of their range is evident by the many different categories of products they sell. This includes furniture, bedding, kitchen and bathroom appliances, children's toys, health products such as sun cream, deodorants and more, cat food, stationery, men and women clothing and crisps. This is just a taster of the different products for sale at their stores but the significant difference between the products goes to show the extensiveness of their range. This makes them a convenient store for many people.  Some of their stores also have garden ranges and all stores are able to replan their layout for seasonal and event variations.

A Brief History

B&M was originally named as Billington & Mayman by its founder, Malcolm Billington. The first store was opened in Lancashire in 1978 but was taken over in 2004 by Phildrew Investments. The business went on to have much success and expansion two years later and acquired other business, including Woolworths, Kwik Save and DIY stores. They then moved base to Liverpool and went on to buy more companies such as Focus DIY and German retailers, Jawoll. More recently the company has bought Heron Foods and continue to expand and grow. To date, they continue to employ more than 25,000 staff members and serve a big customer base within the UK.

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