Andrew Page

Andrew Page

Andrew Page has been in business for 100 years by being one of the most reliable car accessory suppliers in the UK. The employees are well respected for their knowledge and are well liked for their friendliness. The company prides itself on delivering whichever part you need, for whatever car you have. This century has seen the development of a sales and training division for high technology tools and service equipment increasingly being used in maintenance shops. Andrew Page stocks a wide range of vehicle consumables like oil and cleaners, hygiene accessories, work wear, lubricants, hygiene products, accessories and office products. This company also supplies a range of vehicle insurance products.

Andrew Page Opening Times and Locations

The Company has grown to more than 100 locations providing a good chance that there is one nearby. The majority Andrew Page opening times are usually 8:30am Monday through Saturday, with closing times at 5:30pm Monday through Friday. Saturday has a normal closing of 2:30pm; however some Andrew Page opening times are until 4:00pm, so check for your local branch to confirm the closing time of your nearest location in order to avoid disappointment. Andrew Page opening times will also vary on public holidays such as Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday and Easter Monday, so always check before travelling. Most branches will be closed, especially on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

If you simply cannot make it to your local branch, there is always the option of ordering online at any time of the day or night.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Andrew Page

The company has been around for over one hundred years. There are many events during that time that most people will not know. Here are 5 of the most interesting:

  1. In the early years, the company sold rugs, coats and other clothing. Vehicles were open and exposed to the weather. Mr. Page wanted to make sure drivers were protected from the elements.
  2. World War II took a toll on the UK and its people. The company was severely affected too. It was closed and shuttered for 7 years from 1942 to 1949. Thankfully the Page family endured and restarted the business again.
  3. Andrew Page and Co. did not open its second shop until 1957, 40 years after the business opened.
  4. In the next 40 years, the company approached the new millennium having opened enough shops to be nearing a total of 40 locations.
  5. As the company turned 100 in 2017, it had established more than 100 locations, was employing 2,000 workers, and was earning nearly £200m in annual revenues.

Products and Services Offered

Andrew Page sells auto parts to the public through retail stores located throughout the UK. The company also supplies the parts needed by repair service providers by deliver parts to workshops through a network of distribution points. Orders may also be made through the company’s online store.

Starting in 2000, the company began to supply technician’s tools, workshop equipment and to provide important demonstration and training for their effective operation in service workshops.

An education programme was established in 2003 to provide technical training for service professionals. This has now developed into more than 25 courses for auto technicians.

A Brief History

Andrew Page created his company in 1917 as a wholesale motor factor. After the conclusion of the Second World War, Andrew Page’s son, James, re-started the company. Nearly three decades later, another Andrew Page joined the company. This was James Page's son Andrew, who helped the company achieve rapid growth through the end of the century. Andrew eventually received control of the enterprise from his father, James in 1992. The next significant phase for the company came In 2010 private equity investment was initiated spurring additional growth. Camberley Auto Factors was acquired in 2012, increasing the branch count 93. All this extra business required the company to open a new 100,000 square-foot distribution centre, located in Markham Vale, Derbyshire. LKQ Corporation, a company based out of the USA which provides specialty auto parts, purchased Andrew Page in 2016 just as the company was reaching 100 years in business.

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