23 May 2018

Best London Pubs Screening the 2018 Football World Cup

It’s football World Cup season! Long days spent in front of the screen lie ahead, with ecstatic cheering and hugging strangers with each goal England scores. There’ll be sweating, drinking, and hopefully no humiliation! Use our interactive map of London to find the pubs screening the biggest matches of the tournament. These pubs, all within Zones 5, have been carefully selected for their atmosphere and variety of beer choices – find the closest to you! Screen sizes, pint prices, booking options and opening hours all included.

Whilst the local might be the easiest choice, here are our top picks to suit each sports fan:

The Student

The Zoo Bar, Leicester Square: https://www.zoobar.co.uk/

The Bar & Club offers an easy way of transitioning from football-watching into dancefloor-partying as you don’t have to find another venue – hopefully a chance to celebrate all night! Prices are student-friendly.

The Businessman

Greenwood, Victoria: https://www.greenwoodlondon.com/

Need a chic, business-appropriate place but don’t want to miss the game? Greenwood is equipped with five large screens and comfy leather sofas. No standing in crowded basements, and no loud hooligans to ruin the experience.

The Money-Saver

The Draft House, several locations: http://www.drafthouse.co.uk/

If on a budget but don’t want to hit the usual Wetherspoon’s, The Draft House is a good alternative. Nine stylish venues across London at central locations like Piccadilly Circus, Covent Garden or Chancery Lane will help you out with cheap beers, good food deals and large screens.

The Traditionalist

The Ten Bells, Spitalfields: https://www.tenbells.com/

Amongst the most iconic pubs in London, The Ten Bells is a great place to watch the World Cup in style. The bar is beautifully decorated, and equipped with a large screen in the upstairs bar. They also have a private lounge you can hire for a special family-exclusive experience.

The German

Bierschenke, Liverpool Street: https://www.bierschenke.co.uk/

Betting on Germany bringing home the cup again this year? Bierschenke is “Bringing Munich to London” so you can expect a truly authentic experience, with lederhosen-wearing staff, kitsch music from Bavaria, and pretzels. P.S. only recommended if Germany wins!

The Fanatic

Zlatan’s Pop Up, Clapham: https://zlatans.designmynight.com/5a8c0489d365b11cb468812e/zlatans-world-cup-2018-pop-up

Although not literally owned by legendary footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic, this temporary venue in Clapham celebrates football in true Zlatan style: loud, abrasive, and extravagant. Trumpets and glitter goal canons will create a stadium-like atmosphere for the hardcore fan. There’s guaranteed seating with massive HD screens with cinematic sound. Book your tickets in advance.

The Romantic

Broadleaf, Liverpool Street: http://broadleaflondon.com/

Serving organic, local British beef and sophisticated cocktails, Broadleaf is a great choice if you want to avoid the noisy football mob. If you can’t decide between date-night or World Cup, you might be able to combine the two here. Get dressed up and have a fancy dinner whilst following the action – win-win!

The Fan-Club

Balls Brothers, several locations: https://www.ballsbrothers.co.uk/

If you want to bring your whole team to the pub, you’ll need a place that accepts large group bookings like Balls Brothers. Several locations around London (Bank, Liverpool Street, Mayfair and more) accept corporate and large bookings, private and weekend hire, and food or drinks packages for reasonable prices. Book early in advance to secure a spot for the big matches.

The Irishman

Waxy O’Conners, Piccadilly Circus: http://www.waxyoconnors.co.uk/index.php/welcome-to-waxys-london

Waxy O’Conners is one of the largest and most impressive Irish pubs in London. Whilst Ireland hasn’t made it into the group stage, the pub will certainly be buzzing. Lots of Guinness beer and all-day-breakfast are waiting to comfort you through the ups and downs of the tournament.

154 pubs are waiting to be hit during 64 matches. Take your time and browse through the list to find the perfect venue for you.