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Newey and Eyre are the largest wholesaler of electrical goods in the UK. Since it was established it has grown and flourished over the last 80 years, and although it has changed hands a number of times, it has remained virtually the same. There are almost 130 branches around the country and it sells over 32,000 different product lines, that are available there and then, with another 140,000 available as special order or from stock. It even has its own range of products with the brand name Newlec.

Its comprehensive range of products and services are directed at various sectors including small/medium installers and larger electrical installers, facilities management, industrial, energy specialists, maintenance repair and operations, commercial the public sector. Newey and Eyre, as part of the Rexel Group, has more than 200 branches up and down the country, all with very similar opening times. Products include lighting, sockets, switches, cabling, energy solutions, industrial controls, heating, ventilation, workwear, tools and fixings.

Hours and Locations

Newey and Eyre are easily one of the biggest wholesalers of electrical equipment and tools for professionals. The outlets are very easy to recognise, because although the company is now part of the Rexel Group, the stores still retain their Newey and Eyre name. London has the largest number of outlets, closely followed by Bristol and Edinburgh. While the Newey and Ayre opening times for over 130 different branches can vary somewhat from location to location, most are open from 7.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday and are closed at the weekend. It’s always best, however, to check the Newey and Ayre opening times for a branch near you on our store locator site.

For special occasions such as public and bank holidays like Easter Monday, May Bank Holiday Monday, Boxing Day and New Year's Day it is always important to check the Newey and Eyre opening times for specific stores that individuals are interested in. This will avoid you making any mistakes with the Newey and Ayre opening times in your area.

5 Facts About Newey and Eyre

With a company like Newey and Eyre who have been the leading electrical supplier for various industries in the UK for the best part of 80 years, there are many things contractors and professionals will know. To give a greater insight into what the company does that may not have been brought to the attention of individuals though, we wanted to share some interesting facts about this long-running wholesaler.

  1. In 2015, a group of 11 members of the head office of Newey and Eyre in Birmingham cycled just under 350 miles to The Rexel Group headquarters based in Paris. The cycle was on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support and the Electrical Industries Charity and took a total of four days.
  2. When Newey and Eyre opened a facilities management centre in London in 2008, it was the first of its kind introduced into the capital city.
  3. Newey and Eyre teamed up with the biggest national collector of non-lead acid batteries recycling service in 2004 to provide a comprehensive battery recycling service.
  4. The Hull branch of Newey and Eyre took part in a charity soccer tournament on behalf of local charity PAUL for brain recovery.
  5. Training company JTL and Newey and Eyre teamed up for National Apprenticeship Week

Products and Services

As the leading electrical products and equipment wholesaler in the country, Newey and Eyre branches throughout the UK sell a truly comprehensive range of electrical supplies. Anyone looking for electrical supplies will find all they need from Newey and Eyre. All kinds of cables and cable management products are carried by the chain, while there a wide range of different sockets, switches and wiring. Newey and Eyre have tried to ensure that they have enough of what their customers want and need.

From a safety point of view, contractors and professionals will find everything they need from face protection products to hand protection, hi-visibility, respiratory protection, safety footwear to first aid, safety signs and water safety equipment and accessories.

Brief History

It was established in 1926 and has been in business for more than 80 years. Although it has changed hands numerous times throughout the years, it has managed to keep its own branding. For example, in 1993 it was bought by the investor group called Hagemeyer when they bought from previous owners, Invensys PLC. Finally, in 2008 it was bought by the Rexel Group and added to its collective of different leading brands, Wilts Denmans, Parker Merchanting and WF Senate.

The chain launched its own only store in 2009 and has over 130 branches, employing in excess of 2,000 people. They also have developed their own range of branded products and in 2008, they chain opened a facilities management centre, the first of its kind.


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