FloGas has been providing homeowners and businesses with alternative energy solutions over the last 30 years in the UK, Ireland and in a number of countries across Europe. They offer everything from LPG supply, solar systems and even wind turbines to those interested in different types of energy supplies that are affordable, reliable and safe.These are sold as investments to lower energy bills over the long haul. FloGas currently has more than 200 branches across the United Kingdom and are quickly becoming a recognised alternative energy supplier of note.

FloGas Opening Times And Branch Locations

Industrial estates are where you will find the majority of FloGas establishments but you will also find their branches in towns and cities up and down the United Kingdom as well. A green and blue logo bearing their name offers up plenty of visibility so that you will not have too much trouble finding them. London currently has the most instances of FloGas branches but most major cities will have plenty of them to choose from as well.

FloGas opening times can differ quite a lot depending on where they are located - so establishing precise times will require clicking on the particular branch of interest. That said, a decent portion of them operate during the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM during the week. On weekends, most FloGas opening times read closed, but again, this should be checked for the particular store of interest.

All over holiday periods such as Christmas, Easter and on days like New Year’s Day or bank holidays, FloGas opening times are likely to be reduced as well. You can check for their specific branches’ opening times near you at opening-times.co.uk by using their branch locator for free. This tool is super easy to use and gives you accurate FloGas opening times near you that you can always count on.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Flogas

Here are five things many might not have known about FloGas:

  1. Customers can make up to 30% savings on their gas bills by transferring their accounts to FloGas
  2. FloGas is owned by DCC plc, a huge international company that is listed on the FTSE 100 and employs more than 10,000 people across 15 different countries - it has the backing of extensive experience and investment as it grows.
  3. FloGas aims to break in what is recognised as “the big 6” and is well-positioned to make the breakthrough with investors and infrastructure in place
  4. With safety hugely important to FloGas, they became the first gas supplier to make use of innovative BrakeSafe runaway prevention technology on their fleet of vehicles
  5. The parent company of FloGas has an annual turnover of £11 billion worldwide

Products and Services

FloGas offers its services to both domestic and commercial customers in the UK with services tailored for each depending on their needs. Businesses that want to have LPG gas installed or want to make a change from having their energy supplied from oil sources can be catered for. Domestic customers are able to explore renewable energy options or gas options too, particularly if they are situated in the more rural areas of the UK that leaves them little other choice.

FloGas has the expertise and experience to offer their services at the highest of standards and can install and deliver their energy products to all customers. They also sell a number of products such as BBQ’s and heating appliances via their branches and on their online store. Anyone considering the use of off-the-grid energy solutions should certainly consider getting in touch with FloGas.

A Brief History

FloGas was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Leicestershire in order to give customers more choice when it comes to energy and plenty of cost savings alongside those additional alternatives. Initially focusing primarily on LPG gas solutions they have since moved to offer other alternatives such as energy from wind tunnels and solar panels.

After more than 30 years experience the company has gone global and while not considered one of the ‘Big 6’ energy suppliers in the UK, it is certainly one of the most experienced alternative energy suppliers found in the UK right now.

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