Dune is an ever-expanding fashion and footwear retailer in the UK that has also gone on to open branches in a further 10 countries. Known for always being on the front foot when it comes to fashion trends, Dune has its own standalone stores, concessions in other stores and is known for always providing stylish footwear for men and women.  Not only are customers able to visit them at their outlets to enjoy their fashionable and highly stylish footwear options but they can also order online at their website as well. As well as selling their own lines of footwear, top fashion houses such as Hugo Boss, Paul Smith, Ralph Lauren and Ted Baker are also represented and sold at Dune stores.

Dune Opening Times And Store Locations

The Dune logo is simple yet effective at the same time and you will not miss it easily as you go looking for one of their establishments or concessions. Whether in high-end fashion stores on the high street, in retail parks or in shopping centres all over the UK, with more than 140 locations you are more than likely to not be too far from a Dune outlet.

London being one of the fashion capitals of the world, it houses the most establishments in the one location but many other cities and towns will also have their fair share of branches as well. As for Dune opening times, due to the many concessions and shopping centres that Dune is part of, it means that these will vary quite substantially from one to the next. However, most Dune opening times are similar and a lot for them are the same. On weekdays, most stores open around 9 AM and close at around 8, whereas on Saturdays and Sundays Dune opening times often change. Weekend hours usually go between 9 AM to 6 PM on Saturdays and 11 AM to 5 PM on Sundays.

These opening hours may be subject to change on major holidays and bank holidays, so it always pays to check in with us to ensure that you do not waste your time visiting a closed establishment. These opening times on holidays are enforced by local regulations. To find Dune opening times near you it is exceptionally simple. Just hop on to the branch lcoator here at opening-times.co.uk and find the oepning times of Dune stores across the UK in seconds!

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dune

Here are five quick facts about Dune that many will not know:

  1. Dune started out as a 20-square-metre concession in a popular Oxford Street Jane Norman fashion store
  2. Dune is a strong supporter of End Youth Homelessness, a group of allied charities that are focused on providing support to the 80,000+ young people in the UK that become homeless
  3. More than 2,000 people work for Dune around the world
  4. Founder Daniel Rubin was born into a family with three generations of being shoemakers behind him
  5. Dune has won the Draper Multiple Footwear Award on three occasions

Products and Services

Dune was launched after founder Daniel Rubin noticed an opportunity for a niche fashion footwear retailer in the retailing industry. He wanted to focus on providing well-designed shoes that offer something different compared to other competitors. This combined with high-quality customer service is the core business model for Dune and so far it seems to be paying dividends.

Shoes, boots, sandals, accessories and bags are the most popular products on sale with various different styles designs and brands behind them. These can be bought at the physical stores and can even be ordered online for those that are not located close enough.

A Brief History

Dune started off as a small concession in an Oxford Street fashion store back in 1992 and was quickly able to expand to many other concessions in stores and shopping centres the country over. Of these fashion stores that allowed Dune to have a concession were the likes of Topshop, John Lewis and House of Frazier, all major fashion retailers in the United Kingdom. Standalone stores were soon to follow and in less than 20 years they have grown to have 40 of their own stores, concessions in a further 175 department stores, and have even branched out to be in 74 locations in 10 countries outside of the UK.

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