Cash Converters

Cash Converters

Before eBay and Gumtree, the real pioneers of selling and buying of pre-owned products and goods was Cash Converters. This hugely successful retail pawnbroker was founded in Australia in 1984 and after success domestically, branched out to the UK in 1992. As well as handling the buying and selling of goods with wide appeal, with special attention given to smartphones, computing and electronics and of course, jewellery, their stores also offer personal loans of various kinds. Not only can you find all of these items in Cash Converter branches, but you’ll also discover musical equipment such as drum kits and guitars, in addition to second hand tools in good working order, CDs, DVDs.

Although some establishments are bigger than others and some are franchises and others directly managed and owned, all 222 stores in operation in the UK open and close at similar times. Whether looking for a bargain or to get some quick cash, Cash Converters is ideal. You can even pawn your goods for cash, and retrieve them at a later date via a set agreement. Take a look below to find out the opening hours of a Cash Converter near you today.

Cash Converters Opening Hours and Locations

Between the 161 that are franchise businesses and the other 61 that are more directly run, the locations where there are the highest number of stores outside of the capital are Leeds and Birmingham. Although there does seem to be some variation on signage, Cash Converter branches generally have an orange background with the name in red and the word ‘Cash’ slightly thinner than ‘Converters’. There's usually an oval around the ‘c’ in ‘Converters’.

The opening hours of Cash Converters  can vary, however the majority of Cash Converters in the UK are open Monday through to Saturday from 9.30am to 5.30pm and are closed on Sundays. There are always exceptions to the rule, so it is wise to check out the specific opening and closing  times for the Cash Converters branch near you that you are looking to visit. Furthermore, certain times of the year such as Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day and bank holidays may also affect the opening times of Cash Converter stores.

5 Interesting Facts About Cash Converters

Cash Converters are one of the most popular pawn shops in the country, but there is a lot that many may not know about this great pioneer of the used items market. Below there are five interesting facts we wanted to share about Cash Converters. Even if they are nothing more than a little bit of light entertainment, we are pleased to highlight them.

  1. In 20154, Cash Converters' ‘Kiss Me Quick’ advertising campaign was banned by the ASA for encouraging the use of loans and cash advances for frivolous spending on non-essential items.
  2. As well as buying and selling goods, they also offer a selection of useful loan and financial services
  3. The company was founded in Perth, Western Australia by Brian Cumins
  4. There are stores in Australia, New Zealand, UK, US, Canada, France, Belgium, Spain and even South Africa
  5. Headphones and beard trimmers were among the most popular things pawned in 2017.

Products and Services

As a pawnbroker services, Cash Converters buy and sell used goods in a wide range of categories, including many of the usuals like jewellery, watches, smartphones, computers and other electronics. They also accept musical instruments and sound & vision items and just about anything else in-between. It is not just the buying and selling of used goods that this pawn shop specialises in, as Cash Converters have a number of different financial products and services.

For example, all Cash Converters branches offer layby, or spread-the-cost payment schemes where someone can place a deposit against a particular item and then can pay a little off the cost until they've paid it all and can take it home. Their Pawnbroking service is probably still their most successful, allowing individuals to exchange goods for much-needed cash.

A Brief History

Although the company feels as if it has always been a British-devised business, Cash Converters originates from Perth in Western Australia. It was setup by Brian Cumins in 1984 with a team of partners. It took just four years for the company to extend its operations to include seven Perth-located outlets. It was actually 1992 when the first Cash Converters branch outside of Australia was opened in the UK, followed by other popping up in New Zealand, South Africa, France, the US and Spain.

The company now has a presence in over 21 countries across the globe, consisting of a total of 700 outlets. In the UK, the 222 stores employ a total of 1800 people. While it's not always been plain-sailing for the pawnbroker, it continues to be an attractive option for people who need cash quickly or want to buy goods at a reduced price or on a payment scheme.

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